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If you work in the field of early childhood care and education you will be aware of Early Childhood Australia (ECA).

Pam Cahir, the organisation’s CEO, describes its role as follows: “To advance the best interests of children through a range of means, which includes promoting quality early childhood education and care services and supporting those working with young children to do this very important task well.”

ECA is a non-government, non-profit organisation, which has been advocating for young children for more than 60 years.  It funds its work through a high quality publications program and through undertaking a range of projects funded by government and other sources.  All of this work is focused on the best interests of children.

One of these projects is the Early Years Framework Professional Learning Project (EYFPLP). This includes the running of 65 workshops around Australia to support educators to implement the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which is the new curriculum and learning framework that all early childhood education and care services are now required to implement.

In addition, this project also provides an EYLFPLP online forum and eNewsletter, a Facebook site and a series of practice videos that discuss aspects of key aspects of the EYLF.

“Students can view these resources, join the EYLF PLP Facebook site and online forum.
They can subscribe to the eNewsletter and enter the site to find out what other people are saying,” explains Ms Cahir.

ECA is also a good place to start if you want to understand some of the major changes underway in early childhood care and education, including the minimum education requirements that will be required throughout the profession as a result of the new national agreements about early childhood education and care – the national quality agenda.

“It is critical that Cengage students know about these developments now as it has a direct bearing on their work, and changes such as the minimum qualification requirements underline the fact that children’s early education and care is important both for the children and in the longer term for the society as a whole, says Ms Cahir, who adds, ”We will now have a more professional sector.”

When you enrol in the Certificate III in Children’s Services, you will receive the benefit of a full year’s ECA membership, which includes a range of printed and online publications and discounts to ECA conferences and events.

As Pam Cahir puts it, “Through ECA membership, Cengage students can get connected early to the profession they have chosen.”


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