Can We Teach Compassion? [Infographic]

December 5th, 2012 10 Comments Features

I stumbled upon a fascinating study a few weeks ago that associated education with volunteerism and decided to dig deeper.

Boy, there are some interesting stuff in there! Students these days are vilified as lazy, self-obsessed individuals in popular media, but the truth couldn’t be further from that: as we get more educated, we tend to show more compassion towards others.

I decided to launch this infographic today not just because the holidays are around the corner, International Volunteer Day is also today (5th Dec)! Enjoy. (Click on the infographic for a larger version)

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Andrianes Pinantoan is InformED's editor and part of the marketing team behind Open Colleges. When not working, he can be found reading about two of his favourite subjects: education and psychology. You can find him on Google+ or @andreispsyched.

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  8. Jason says:

    I didn’t understand the last graph: “ALL 20 – 29 year olds” is the blue region but that’s below the black region of “20 – 29 year olds” with college education and above the yellow region of “20 – 29 year olds” without college education? How’s that possible? I must’ve misread the labels.

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