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    Marianne Stenger is a London-based freelance writer and journalist with extensive experience covering all things learning and development. She’s particularly interested in the psychology of learning and how technology is changing the way we learn. Her articles have been featured by the likes of ABC Education, The Huffington Post, Lifehacker, and Psych Central. Follow her on Twitter @MarianneStenger.

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  • How Expectations Influence Performance

    February 19th, 2019 No Comments Features

    Whether we do so consciously or not, we all form expectations about certain things in our lives, from how much we think we’ll enjoy a particular experience to the expectations we form about ourselves and others. Sometimes these expectations are based on prior experience, but more often than not, they’re based on what we’ve been… Read More

  • 10 Things We Discovered About Learning and the Brain in 2018

    The year is coming to a close and, as always, there have been some interesting trends in education, from a renewed interest in “growth mindsets” to more emphasis being placed on things like social inclusion and engagement in learning, project-based learning, and digital literacy and citizenship. Every year, researchers also uncover new evidence about learning… Read More

  • 7 Ways to Teach Digital Literacy

    (This article was last updated in February 2020) Digital literacy is a hot topic these days, and we’ve previously written about the importance of it for today’s students and what teachers need to know about helping them use technology effectively to enhance modern communication. But although the need for digital literacy is clear, actually teaching… Read More