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    Marianne Stenger is a freelance journalist with over four years of experience in writing for publications, online resources and blogs in the education industry. She believes that online education is the way of the future and is passionate about promoting online learning tools and the use of new technologies in the classroom.

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  • The Real Reason We Procrastinate

    What is it about having an important task to complete that makes us want to focus on anything but that one task? Procrastinate, postpone, delay—call it what you like, but there’s no denying that our tendency to put things off until the last minute can be problematic. Procrastination is particularly troublesome for students, and according… Read More

  • 10 Common Learning Myths That Might Be Holding You Back

    Science is constantly changing, and although we’ve come a long way since the days when it was widely believed that older people couldn’t learn new things, a number of learning myths have stood the test of time despite having no grounding in scientific research. Tom Bennett—teacher, author, and director of ResearchED—points out that there are… Read More

  • 10 Important Learning Studies From 2017

    It’s been an exciting year in education with big advances in educational technology and instructional design, from new implementations of virtual reality to fascinating insights into everything from motivation and creativity to tried-and-true learning strategies. Each year we like to keep track of all the latest research that confirms some of the things we already… Read More