How to write a resume in 5 easy steps

Writing or updating your resume can often seem like a daunting task, especially if haven't done it in a while. But, don't worry, we're here to help.


So, what should be included in your resume?


Your heading should be your name. Make it big so it stands out. Under your name we recommend including your phone number, email and permanent address.

Personal statement

This is your time to shine! Use this section to briefly highlight your best attributes and accomplishments - it's basically a way to 'sell yourself' to a potential employer and make sure your resume gets noticed!


If your education is directly related to the role you're applying for, keep it close to the top of your resume. If not, it can sit under the work experience section.

Work experience

This is where you list your past jobs and what you achieved at those jobs. Be sure to talk about your accomplishments, rather than listing your tasks and duties. If you are trying to get your first job, it's a good idea to list any volunteer or unpaid work you have done that may be relevant to the role you're applying for.


If you have referees (i.e. managers or colleagues from past jobs) who are willing to vouch for you as an employee, you can put them down here. If you'd rather not include them (and wait until the employer requests them) there's no need to include this section.