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Certificate III in Nail Technology: Beauty Kit

Certificate III in Nail Technology: Beauty Kit

Develop your hands-on skills with this free professional nail kit

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/ Certificate III in Nail Technology: Beauty Kit

As a student of the SHB30315 Certificate III in Nail Technology you’ll receive a professional nail kit* to use while you perfect your practical skills and get your career as a successful Nail Technician off the ground.

We’ve partnered with some of the beauty industry’s biggest and most reputable companies, including Hawley Nails and Orly Nails, to ensure the tools and equipment you receive are professionally tried and tested and of the highest quality.

Everything you need to become a competent and confident Nail Technician and keep your clients looking and feeling fabulous is included.

Your free professional nail kit includes the following:


Hawley Manicure and Pedicure Kit

Hawley International has been providing high quality professional products for over 75 years at both a professional and retail level. In this kit, you’ll have everything you need to perform high quality manicures and pedicures, leaving your clients’ hands and feet feeling amazing. Your Hawley Kit contains the following:

  • Manispa Blissful Soak 125ml
  • Manispa Revival Scrub 125ml
  • Manispa Afterglow Lotion 125ml
  • Manispa Purify Mask 100gm
  • Nail Polish Remover 125ml
  • Hawley Cuticle Conditioner 15ml
  • Hawley Cuticle Oil 15ml
  • Manicure Bowl
  • Illume Spectrum Hard Surface Antibacterial Spray 125 ml
  • Orly Haute Red 18ml
  • Orly White Tips 18ml
  • PEDIPAD'L w/replacement discs
  • Orly Kiss the Bride 18ml
  • X3 Black Beauty Wide Tapered
  • X3 Black Beauty Wide
  • X2 White Block Buff
  • 10 pck Wooden Orange Stick Point & Bevel
  • Replacement disc for PEDIPAD'L
  • Toe Nail Clippers
  • Think Beauty Card
  • Bag with Handles
  • Orly Top to Bottom 18ml
  • X2 Satin Buffer 3 Way Budget



Hawley Nail Art Kit

Creating unique, gorgeous designs is easy with the right tools. Hawley offer a vast selection in nail art tools – from simple stickers, striping tape and nail art pens and brushes. Enhance a pedicure or manicure service with these tools included in your kit:

  • Nail Art Pen & Brush - White
  • Nail Art Pen & Brush - Black
  • Nail Art Brush – Silver Glitter
  • Acrylic Powder – Neon Pink 
  • Acrylic Powder – Blue
  • Striping Tape- Gold 
  • Nail Art Marblizer Tool, Needle/Ball Curve

Hawley Gel & Acrylic Nail Kit with Lamp

With new technology being integrated into the development of Hawley’s Gel and Acrylic range, this kit contains high quality, professional products and equipment to provide exceptional nail services to clients.

  • Black Label Gel One Phase 50gm
  • Hawley French Pink Gel 15gm
  • Hawley French White Gel 15gm
  • Miraseal Gel Top Coat 15ml
  • Orly Gel FX Pixy Stix
  • Orly Gel FX Base Coat
  • Orly Gel FX Top Coat
  • Lint-Free Wipes 100 pck
  • X2 Silky Sand Perfector
  • Illume Ice-o-Blue-Refreshing Hand Sanitizer 125ml
  • Illume Hydrofresh - Advanced Nail Dehydrator 125ml
  • X2 Medium Spongie Yellow core, square ended
  • 100 Tips in Tray Cut Out
  • Define Clear Tips 100ct
  • Nail Edgecutter Chrome
  • Standard Gel Brush
  • Sunshine Buffer
  • Illume Premabond 15ml
  • Think Beauty Card
  • Bag with Handles
  • VEGA MK II - 36W UV Lamp W/Fan
  • Illume Neobond - Brush on Nail Adhesive 5gm
  • Illume Fusion Advanced Acrylic Monomer
  • Illume Fusion Polymer True Pink 15gm
  • Illume Fusion Polymer Intense White 15gm
  • Silver Jar 15gm

*All products and kits are subject to change without notice. Products in kits will be substituted with similar items if unavailable. Products in kits may change if Open Colleges is required to make amendments to the learning materials. You will receive the kits as you progress in your course, not on enrolment.

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