Course Description

Combining the Statement of Attainment in Fitness and SIS40215​ Certificate IV in Fitness, the Personal Trainer Pathway will give you the skills and knowledge you need to start a successful career as a Personal Trainer – even if you have no previous experience in the fitness industry.

When you enrol in the Pathway, you’ll begin by studying the Statement of Attainment in Fitness. This course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of fitness by teaching you about client screenings, providing nutritional advice as a Fitness Professional and developing exercise programs based on client goals. The Statement of Attainment is ideal for people starting out in the industry. You’ll build a strong fitness and wellbeing knowledge base, which will enable you to progress to the next level. The Statement of Attainment in Fitness contains the units of competency required for entry to the SIS40215​ Certificate IV in Fitness.

You’ll then move onto the SIS40215​ Certificate IV in Fitness which will train you to create advanced fitness programs for specific population clients, develop relationships with allied health professionals, work in one on one or Group Personal Training scenarios indoors or outdoors, and successfully run your own personal training business.

Why study this course:

  • The beauty of the Personal Trainer Pathway is that you can begin your studies with no experience in the fitness industry and learn from the ground up. When you complete the whole Pathway, you will be qualified to take on clients as a Personal Trainer.
  • Increase your employability as a fitness professional by attaining your Certificate IV in Fitness and expanding on the services you can offer.
  • The knowledge you gain will allow you make a positive impact in your clients’ lives by educating and encouraging them to work towards their fitness goals.
  • You will be able to kick off the course by only enrolling in and paying for the Statement of Attainment in Fitness. As you graduate from it, you will be given the opportunity to progress to the SIS40215​ Certificate IV in Fitness course.
This course involves work placement that currently needs to be undertaken in Australia. More information available in our FAQs