Course Description

Want to be a graphic designer, but have no experience? Open Colleges Graphic Design Pathway is the answer! Combining the entry-level Graphic Design Essentials with the Diploma of Graphic Design, the Pathway covers everything you need to step straight into the professional design industry when you graduate:

  • You’ll cover all the design basics including: typography, image, colour and tools, before moving on to master client briefs, advanced digital design, technical skills and creative practice.
  • Responding to the demands of the industry, the Pathway has units which explore the highly prized skills of user experience, digital design, and company branding and identity.
  • During your studies you will build a portfolio of work that will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the design process to potential employers and clients.
  • Designed to get you ready to launch into the industry, the Pathway also includes the module ‘Your own practice’. During this module you will learn to master your own work, compete in a digital world and effectively market yourself and your work.
  • When you enrol in the Diploma you will receive a free membership to the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). Membership will open up the doors to job opportunities, industry events, information, industry updates and networking opportunities.


Potential career outcomes

  • Assistant Web/Digital Designer
  • Graphic Operator
  • Junior Graphic Designer
  • Junior Mac Operator
  • Package Designer