Course Description

Get the qualification you need to begin your career working with captive animals in a zoo, aquarium or wildlife sanctuary.

This zookeeping course is a starting point for a long-term career working with captive animals. It will set you up with a strong understanding of the basics, and provide you with the experience that you need to gain entry level employment working with wild and exotic animals.

What you'll learn

During your studies, you will learn to perform basic jobs in a zoological park, wildlife park, mobile zoo, theme park or aquarium. This includes how to interact with, monitor and observe captive animals, as well as how to ensure their safety.

You'll also learn to present information to the public, support collection management, prepare and maintain animal housing, assist with capturing and moving animals, monitor animal reproduction, and maintain animal health and wellbeing.

Why study this course?

  • This online captive animals course is the perfect starting point for people who have some experience working with animals, or who have completed the Certificate II in Captive Animals.

  • You will gain hands-on experience and networking opportunities through 100 hours of structured work placement at a zoo, wildlife sanctuary or aquarium of your choosing.

  • With this professional qualification, you can work in a number of entry level jobs, including: Trainee Keeper, Pre-Trade Keeper, Assistant Keeper, Animal Care Attendant and Wildlife Animal Carer.

This course involves work placement that currently needs to be undertaken in Australia. More information available in our FAQs

Potential career outcomes

  • Animal Care Attendant
  • Assistant Zoo Keeper
  • Trainee Zoo Keeper
  • Wildlife Animal Carer