Love Animals?

Turn your interest into a career!

Animal care offers many different types of opportunities from owning your own small business to working in a clinic or business. The opportunities are varied but roles can be competitive. Having accredited qualifications in animal care can help to show potential employers that you have the skills to succeed in the industry.

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Get the qualifications and experience you need to fulfil your dream of working in a veterinary clinic, animal or wildlife hospital.

Veterinary Nursing Pathway

Designed to take you from entry-level animal care through to advanced veterinary nursing practices, this course will prepare you for a long and rewarding career in animal care and veterinary practices.

Certificate IV in Captive Animals

Get the qualification you need to work with wild and exotic animals as a Senior Zookeeper at a zoological park or wildlife sanctuary, with Open Colleges’ ACM40210 Certificate IV in Captive Animals.

Certificate III in Captive Animals

Open the door to a wide range of job opportunities working with exotic, rare, unusual, water-based and native captive animals, with this nationally recognised TAFE course.

Captive Animals Pathway

Become a professional Assistant Zoo Keeper or Wildlife Animal Carer qualified to work in a zoo or wildlife sanctuary.

Certificate III in Companion Animal Services

This nationally recognised qualification will build on your passion for animals and could potentially lead to employment in the animal services industry.

Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services

Get the advanced set of skills you need to manage a pet store or animal shelter, or run your own animal-related small business, with this nationally recognised qualification.

Companion Animal Services Pathway

Even if you have limited experience, the pathway will give you the skills and knowledge you need to work in a pet store, boarding facility, shelter, or as a Pet Exerciser.

Certificate II in Animal Studies

Get the basic skills you need to start a career working with animals – in pet store, shelter or kennel – with this flexible nationally recognised qualification. Study this as a pathway to vet nursing.

Certificate in Animal Care

If you are looking to give your pet the best care you can, then Open Colleges’ Certificate in Animal Care can help you. You will cover all the basics of looking after your pet, including grooming and first aid.