Developed for mid- to senior-level Managers, this post graduate qualification will give you both the interpersonal and business skills you need to become a trusted leader.

This course provides an innovative approach to management, not only based on the established core skills of leadership and management but also the dimensions of a leader as a teacher within an organisation.

Why study this course?

  • When you complete your first module, you’ll receive a free 12-month professional membership with the Institute of Managers and Leaders (previously known as the Australian Institute of Management). IML is a key industry organisation for Managers across Australia, with a professional membership being valued at $300. Your membership will give you access to relevant publications, networking opportunities and events, as well as access to the exceptional IML Mentoring Program. This structured 4-month mentoring program will match you with an appropriate Mentor who will work with you to create a mentoring plan, helping foster your development as a Manager.
  • You will develop leadership skills that are in demand across Australia. These include self-management, leading personal and strategic transformations, leading strategic learning initiatives, and developing collaborative partnerships and relationships.
  • You will also have the opportunity to focus on the skills needed to manage budgets and financial plans or develop business innovation projects.
  • Developed by strategic, business and HR industry experts, the Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning) could also be used as a foundation for undertaking other postgraduate programs in leadership and management, human resource management or strategic management.
  • Consolidate your existing knowledge and obtain a qualification that will help you reach the next stage in your career with this flexible Graduate Certificate.
Course number E1262
Qualification name BSB80515 Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning)
Course duration Maximum 12 months
Recommended hours per week 14.0
Qualification level Graduate Certificate
Delivery method Online
Recognition Nationally Recognised Nationally Recognised Training
Assessments Case studies, Demonstrations, Knowledge tests, Presentations, Projects, Scenario-based questions, Video, Written reports
Awarded by TAFE NSW North Coast (Provider number: 90010)

About the course

Who this course is for

The course is for individuals that have worked for some time in the business sector who are seeking to enhance their professional skills and understanding of management.

What you'll learn

During the BSB80515 Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning), you’ll learn:

  • How to lead personal and strategic transformation – you’ll use self-reflection on past experiences of leading teams through change to establish a sound understanding of leadership theory.
  • How to develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships – refine your stakeholder management and influencing skills. These are extremely useful skills when implementing any business strategy.
  • How to lead the implementation of a learning strategy – from basic workflow to managing strategic change in a learning capacity.

You’ll then choose from one of the following electives:

  • Managing budgets and financial plans, or
  • Identify & implement business innovation

Learning materials

The following resources are provided to you via OpenSpace:
  • Access to GALE library through Openspace
  • Online discussions
  • Additional activities
  • Videos
  • Case studies
  • Learner workbooks

Industry relationships


Students of this course will receive a membership to these organisation(s)

RTO partnership information

This course is offered by Open Colleges on behalf of TAFE NSW North Coast (provider number 90010)

Course trainers

Natasha Arthars

Natasha started working in vocational education in 2008 and has worked in both training and educational management roles in Australia and internationally. In addition to working in educational management, she has also worked in the legal, insurance and mining industries in a variety of roles. Natasha holds a Master of Business and a Master of Learning Sciences and Technology. She also holds a number of vocational qualifications in business administration, leadership and management, human resources, finance and workplace health and safety.

Academic information

Once you are enrolled in this course, you will receive access to the first Module, which contains the first set of units for the course. When you have successfully completed those units, you'll be given access to the next Module.

Modules 1 has been released and is available. The subsequent Modules will be available on the following dates:

  • Module 2 - August 2017
  • Module 3 - October 2017
  • Module 4 - November 2017

Open Colleges may make changes to the course from time to time to reflect changes introduced to the relevant Training Package or other regulatory requirements.

Courses offered by Open Colleges on behalf of TAFE NSW North Coast may include Units of Competency that are graded by TAFE NSW North Coast.

Module 1

  • Reflect on personal efficacy
  • Lead in a transformational manner
  • Model and cultivate collaborative thinking
  • Provide strategic leadership during change processes

Module 2

  • Communicate to influence relevant individuals and stakeholders
  • Cultivate new and existing partnerships with stakeholders
  • Establish positive collaborative relationships
  • Lead establishment of a partnership program
  • Establish reporting mechanisms for partnership program

Module 3

  • Provide leadership to learning strategy formation
  • Design and develop organisational learning strategy
  • Implement organisational learning strategy
  • Review organisational learning and development
  • Improve organisational learning strategy formation

Module 4

In Module 4, you’ll choose from one of the following elective units:

  • Plan financial management approaches
  • Implement financial management approaches
  • Monitor and control finances
  • Review and evaluate financial management processes
  • Compare the business with competitor businesses
  • Identify business opportunities for innovation and reform
  • Implement innovation

Assessment details

  • Case studies
  • Demonstrations
  • Knowledge tests
  • Presentations
  • Projects
  • Scenario-based questions
  • Video
  • Written reports

Recognition of Prior Learning

We understand that you may already have many skills and areas of expertise that you have obtained in different ways and these are recognised through our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

Open Colleges has developed an RPL application kit for this course.

The Student Handbook, available in the Key Student Information section of our website, provides more information about our RPL process. Alternatively, you can contact an Enrolment Consultant to discuss your RPL options. 

Course duration

The duration for the course is maximum 12 months. As a self-paced online course, the time it will take you to complete is flexible and dependent on ability and time available.

Qualification awarded

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a nationally recognised BSB80515 Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning) awarded by TAFE NSW North Coast (Provider number: 90010).



You must have:

  • Completed an undergraduate (Bachelor) degree


  • Completed a diploma or advanced diploma qualification and possess at least six months equivalent full-time relevant workplace experience at a mid to senior level of leadership and management*.


  • Twelve months equivalent full-time relevant experience at a mid to senior level of leadership and management*.

* Prior to enrollment you will be required to submit evidence of your relevant management experience. Evidence can include your position description, payslips, letters of employment and your resume.

Minimum age

You will need to be at least 18 years old.


This course involves reading learning content and undertaking a range of written assessments and engaging in online forums and discussions. Furthermore, the delivery mode relies on the extensive use of written communication. As such, entry to the course requires the successful completion of English to Year 12 level.

If you haven't successfully completed English at Year 12 level, you can demonstrate equivalency through one of the following:

  • Successful completion of a Nationally Recognised Training qualification at Certificate III level or higher; or
  • 3 years relevant industry experience in a role that requires the use of written documentation and communication

Open Colleges recognises that not all people are able to read, write and perform calculations to the same standard. See the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Considerations section for more information on tools, resources and support services provided to by Open Colleges.


You will need access to a computer and the internet and have basic computing skills. Minimum specifications for your computer are:

All users:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 or equivalent
  • Broadband internet connection
  • 2GB of RAM
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • Adobe Reader XI or equivalent
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher.
  • Access to printer and associated software
  • Access to scanner and associated software
  • Digital imaging software
  • File compression software.

Windows users:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (Windows 8 recommended)
  • 1 Ghz or faster processer (2GHz recommended)

Mac OS users:

  • Mac OSX v10.5 or higher (Mac OSX v10.6 recommended)
  • 1 Ghz or faster processer (2GHz recommended)


You will need access to a digital video recording device and/or a digital camera and associated software to save and upload video, audio and image files to OpenSpace. Many mobile phones and smart phones include this technology.

You will also need access to software to view online videos and images. Software such as Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Viewer etc are available as a download from the internet.

Some assessments include a component for you to record an audio or video. The requirements for these vary depending on the assessment. If you are unable to conduct these in the workplace and this is a requirement of the assessment, you have the option of engaging with friends, family and other students to record this via other means, such as Skype.

Employment recognition

To be successful in your studies, you will need access to a work environment to complete assessments. These will require you to have access to:

  • Departments (within an organisation) on which to base scenarios
  • Organisational charts
  • Organisational strategic and business plans (both current and past)
  • Policies and procedures relating to the organisation’s current state, project management and risk management
  • Information on current organisational training and assessment requirements
  • Team members and senior management for consultation
  • You will need to carry out the following in your selected work environment:
  • Collaborate with others and manage workplace relationships
  • Conduct consultation with team members, senior management and stakeholders
  • Communicate, both formally and informally in the workplace on a one-to-one and group basis through email, meetings, presentations (including video presentations), training, workshops and/or conference calls etc.
  • Conduct surveys and gather data to measure and report on performance
  • Obtain approvals to implement plans and strategies at work, such as organisational learning strategies and change management project plans
  • Access workplace policies, procedures, forms and templates
  • Provide strategic leadership in relation to change, and apply a range of leadership practices.

You do not need to be employed in an organisation; however, you must have access to a workplace where you can implement new initiatives and projects. The workplace may be one with which you are providing consultancy services (at a high organisational level) or volunteering in, this includes community organisations.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Our free online assessment tool can help give you an idea of the language, literacy and numeracy skills needed to study a VET course. This tool can also help you determine your learning level and help you plan your future studies. You can access the Language, Literacy and Numeracy tool here.

Payment options

Pay in full

If you pay your course fees up-front in full, you’ll benefit from a discount. When you pay in full, we don’t have to spend extra money on administration for tasks such as payment plan processing. Instead, we get to pass this saving onto you in the form of a discount.

zipMoney Payment Plan

If you need a little more flexibility in your finances, and want to pay off your course fees over a longer period of time, you can switch to a zipMoney payment plan. Essentially, zipMoney pays your course fees for you, and you pay this loan back over 24, 36 or 48 months. As long as you are eligible, you can switch to a zipMoney plan at any time.

Payment Plan

Pay for your course in weekly or fortnightly instalments. By paying in instalments, you can schedule your payments around your regular outgoings and get ahead without breaking the bank. Open Colleges payment plans are interest-free.

Studying online with Open Colleges

Flexibility - study at your own pace

When you study online with Open Colleges you’re in control.

You can choose to complete your course quickly or keep to a steady pace, and with no deadlines or schedules to stick to, fitting your learning around your everyday commitments is easy.

Everything you need to study is online so you can study wherever you like – but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own.

OpenSpace is our purpose-built online learning platform. It’s where you’ll go to access your learning materials, contact your expert trainers and assessors, upload your assessments and find all the support and motivation you need to keep going from the OC community.


Your online community

What is OpenSpace?

Open Colleges offers you a custom-designed online-learning platform called OpenSpace.

Your learning platform is the heart of your study experience. This is where you'll navigate through your course materials, contact your trainers and assessors, and connect with other online students.



What can you do in OpenSpace?

OpenSpace provides you with a secure, interactive learning environment that allows you to access a wealth of learning resources. In OpenSpace you can:

  • Access all your course materials, including videos and other digital resources
  • Complete the learning activities related to your course
  • Get the latest news about Open Colleges and your course
  • Get to know your fellow students by posting in the course forums, and find a 'Study Buddy'
  • Connect with your Trainers and Assessors
  • Access extensive online libraries for research
  • Upload your assessments, view feedback, and access your grades 

It’s just like a real campus – but it’s available anywhere and anytime.

How to get support

Academic support

Your experienced trainers are available in OpenSpace to answer any questions you may have regarding the learning materials or assessments.

Your program manager can also provide you with advice and support regarding the overall course. 

Student support

The student support team is your one-stop service centre for all student administrative issues – including enrolment, change of contact details, OpenSpace support, assessment results and certification.

You can access the student support team in OpenSpace or by email or phone


Learning support

The learning support team is a dedicated team of specialists that provide you with a comprehensive induction to studying with Open Colleges as well as specifc support if you encounter learning difficulties during your studies.

Learning support resources, such as writing guides, are available in OpenSpace. You can access the learning support team via your trainer or the student support team. 


Peer support

As a student of Open Colleges you will join a community of over 65,000 people who are also studying online. Through OpenSpace you can connect and collaborate with others to share study tips and advice. 

Our students find this is a great way to keep motivated and build lasting friendships and networks. 


Work Placement Support

If your course contains work placement, the work placement support team can provide you with support, advice and resources if you encounter difficulties in securing a workplace for your work placement.

You can access the work placement support team via your trainer and assessor or the student support team.

About Open Colleges

Our history and heritage

Open Colleges has been delivering quality education for over 100 years. During this time, we have honed our unique learning model to become Australia’s leader in online learning.

We’ve achieved this by continuously evolving our approach to meet the needs of our learners by offering flexible, accessible, affordable and supportive courses.

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Commitment to quality

In June 2012, Open Colleges established a unique partnership with TAFE NSW North Region, an Institute of TAFE NSW, to collaborate on the development and delivery of Nationally Recognised Training online.

December 2013 saw Open Colleges Australia (the holding company of Open Colleges Pty Ltd) become part of Apollo Education Group, Inc.

Being part of Apollo gives Open Colleges access to the expertise, experience and educational resources of the University of Phoenix (USA), Institute of Professional Development (USA), BPP University (UK) and other institutions in the Apollo global network.

Our ongoing partnerships and place within the Apollo family ensure we continue to deliver a student experience that’s best in class.


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