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Follow WHS safety procedures for direct care work

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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Identify sources of risk to personal safety, assess the level of risk and follow risk minimization procedures

1.1 Identify environments, situations and client-related risk factors

1.2 Apply practical strategies and organization procedures to minimize risk

1.3 Identify any behaviors of concern in the work context and follow organization procedures to minimize risk

1.4 Identify risks associated with driving and travelling with and without clients and follow organization procedures to minimize risk

1.5 Follow organization policies and procedures when working in a new or unstable environment

  1. Identify manual handling hazards, assess related risk and follow risk minimization procedures

2.1 Identify manual handling hazards

2.2 Assess the risk using the tools described in the Manual Handling Code of practice (or equivalent) for own State/territory

2.3 Apply recognized control measures for manual handling risk, including eliminating manual handling wherever possible

2.4 Follow established manual handling procedures and work instructions for minimizing manual handling activity/risk

  1. Identify sources of infection and apply industry accepted practice to minimize risk of infection to themselves, clients and others

3.1 Identify risks of infection

3.2 Apply standard precautions to prevent the spread of infection as part of own work routine

3.3 Recognize situations when additional infection control procedures are required

3.4 Apply additional precautions when standard precautions alone may not be sufficient to prevent transmission of infection

3.5 Identify other sources of infection for workers

  1. Identify other hazards and assess risk

4.1 Identify other hazards in the work area during the performance of duties

4.2 Assess level of risk

4.3 Conduct environmental assessment to identify potential sources of risk to personal safety

  1. Follow procedures and strategies for risk control

5.1 Report hazards in the work area to designated personnel according to workplace procedures

5.2 Follow accurately workplace procedures and work instructions for controlling risks with minimal supervision

5.3 Whenever necessary, within the scope of responsibilities and competencies, follow workplace procedures for dealing with incidents, fire and/or hazardous events

  1. Contribute to WHS in the workplace

6.1 Describe employee rights and employer obligations regarding consultation on WHS matters

6.2 Raise task and/or job specific WHS issues with appropriate people in accordance with workplace procedures and relevant WHS legislative requirements

6.3 Contribute to participative arrangements for WHS management in the workplace within organization procedures and the scope of responsibilities and competencies

6.4 Provide feedback to supervisor on hazards in work area in line with organization WHS policies and procedures

6.5 Provide support in implementing procedures to control risks in accordance with organization procedures


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