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How to Become a Project Manager - Career Salaries, Job Stats & Education

How to Become a Project Manager - Career Salaries, Job Stats & Education

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/ How to Become a Project Manager - Career Salaries, Job Stats & Education

Looking at a Project Management Career?

If you aspire to handle and manage large projects at a business level, there are many industries in which you can pursue a career. Project Management skills are transferrable across many industries with limitless opportunities, where you can tackle diverse and complex business problems and situations. 

Job Outlook Average Salary Work Hours Age Groups
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Project Management Job Outlook

The graph shows historical and projected (to 2019) employment levels (thousands) for this occupation.

Source: *Job Outlook Government website. ABS Labour Force Survey, DEEWR trend data to November 2014 and DEEWR projections to 2019. Estimates have been rounded.

Over the five years to November 2019, the number of job openings for Project Managers is expected to be average (between 10,001 and 25,000). Job openings count both employment growth and turnover (defined as workers leaving their occupation for other employment or leaving the workforce).

Employment for Project Managers to November 2019 is expected to continue growing strongly. Employment in large sized occupation (52,400 in November 2014) rose strongly in the past five years and in the long-term (ten years).

Project Manager Salary

Project Manager Salary

Source: *Job Outlook Government website. ABS EEBTUM survey August 2014 cat. no. 6310.0. Estimates have been rounded and consequently some discrepancies may occur between sums of the component items and totals.

Note: These figures are indicative and cannot be used to determine a particular wage rate. lists the wage for Project Managers as being between a median of $83 000 per annum and $122 000 at the highest end of the market.

Please note: For roles in Project Management, rates of pay will vary depending on the type of industry, type of environment and your the level of seniority in the workplace. 

Business Weekly Work Hours

The graph shows the average weekly hours (by gender and full-time and part-time) worked for this occupation, compared with all occupations. 

Real Estate Sales Agents have a comparatively high proportion of full-time jobs (90.4 per cent). For Project Managers working full-time, average weekly hours are 47.6 (compared to 40.9 for all occupations) and earnings are high - in the tenth decile. Unemployment for Project Managers is average.

Source: *Job Outlook Government website. ABS Labour Force Survey, annual average 2014.


Project Management Age Profile


As expected, the Project Management industry is prevalent in individuals of high seniority, due to their years of accrued experience and knowledge in their respective fields. However, the percentage Project Managers in that are middle-aged (35-44) are higher than the nationwide average, suggesting that the age requirement to become a project manager is declining. 

Source: ABS Labour Force Survey, annual average 2014.


Project Management Industries

Project Managers are currently being employed in booming sectors of the economy - Information Media and Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Health Care and Social Assistance. 

Source: *Job Outlook Government website. ABS Labour Force Survey, annual average 2014.

Interview with a Professional from the Business Industry

Simon Green

Senior Project Manager at PDS Group


1. In two sentences, tell us what a bit about your role in the Business (Project Management) industry.

At PDS Group I currently manage a team of Project Managers and Assistant Project Managers delivering over 1000 units in the Brisbane marketplace. Our role is to manage the entire process on these projects, from marketing and sales, building design and contractor negotiation and engagement  through to completion.

2. What does a Project Manager do on a day to day basis?

Our day to day role involves managing many aspects of a projects delivery, ensuring all activities required for a successful project completion are done in a timely and efficient manner. We manage a clients risk profile on a project ensuring they are always covered from a legal, financial and quality perspective.

3. What skills/attributes do Project Managers need to have?

 A project manager must love achieving! By that I mean they must love turning up to work every day and leaving with the knowledge they have accomplished progress. They must be organised, love interaction with people and be able to manage many and varied stakeholders to a process.

4. What are the best parts of being a Project Manager?

Making something work! Being posed with a problem and sourcing a viable solution that is not only aesthetically pleasing but financially beneficial to our clients. Interacting with many stakeholders to a process and driving a team to a successful outcome.

5. What advice would you offer students looking to become a Project Manager?

Learn to communicate, both verbally and written. Embrace a love of learning as everyday provides that opportunity regardless of your experience. And don't sweat the small stuff, it's our job to manage those situations and provide a calming influence to everyone involved.

Thanks Simon, for sharing your story with Open Colleges. 

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