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Tips on building a strong team to work with

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One thing that all of these entrepreneurs have mentioned is that having a good team to work with is crucial. So what advice can they share on building the right team?
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Nicole Kersch

“Nicole from 4Cabling says that entrepreneurs should trust themselves. “In this instance, I would say follow your instinct as it’s generally a pretty good judge of character. Find people with complementary skill sets, people that fill your knowledge gaps.

You definitely want to be challenged and be surrounded by people who can push back on ideas. Welcome heated discussions but avoid aggression, as there is often a fine line between passion and stubbornness. Credentials are important, but balance and strength of character are more important.”

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Bruce Jeffreys

“Really to me, whether the business fails or succeeds is so much less about whether it's a good product or service, or whether it's the right time for that service or not, as much as it is about the dynamics of whom you're working with and how you're doing it.

Building the right team is the really critical thing. I think people focus on the "what" of what they're doing and not on the "how". Building the right team is about the how."

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Naomi Simson

“Find a great team that shares your vision. Most companies have values, but do they live in the heart of your people? Are they relevant? Do your people even know what your values are? Having employees that live and breathe your values is essential to the success of your business.

If an employee isn’t the strongest in a particular skill area you’re looking for, but are 100% aligned to your company values, then take a chance. Skills you can teach, the right attitude or culture fit you cannot.”

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Nick Palumbo

Nick points out that it’s the people you work with every day that can make the single biggest difference to your business. The entrepreneur says, “Avoid people you don’t trust, no matter how talented they may be. Sooner or later they will set you back.”

He says intuition is an important resource to use as well. “Even though there is ample research to tell you that gut instincts are most often incorrect, I have learned to use it more and more. If something doesn’t feel right, walk away.”

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Hamish Petrie

When it comes to finding the right team to work with, Petrie suggests asking yourself the following questions: Do they share the same values? Do they have the same work ethic and ambitions? Do they bring new value added skills? Are they passionate about what you are going to achieve as a team?”

He also asks, “Can you have the most heated of debates, still respect each other and keep working in a positive manner? Are they adaptive? Optimistic? Persistent? Will they never give up - no matter how hard it gets?”

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Alec Lynch

Alec has mentioned that building a strong team is paramount to the continuing success of any business. He says that whether you’re in an artistic field or sporting team, the results of having a good group mentality are the same. “I subscribe to Netflix’s theory that building a great team in business is like building a champion or pro sports team,” he explains.

“You need to hire a star in every position, you need to coach them well and if someone’s letting the team down then you need to cut them.”

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