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Siobhan Maybury

Real Estate Receptionist/Client Services

Siobhan Maybury

"Good communication skills, ability to multi task and trustworthiness – your team needs to be able rely on you!"

Siobhan Maybury is the Receptionist / Client Services at Green St Property in Newcastle, NSW and is the first point of contact welcoming everyone at the forefront of the office both in person and on the phone.

Siobhan is new to the industry, having decided to take the leap into the exciting world of opportunities offered in real estate after several years in hairdressing. Siobhan is very excited to see where her career with Green St Property takes her.

1 What first sparked your interest in working in a real estate agency?

I first started working in real estate because I wanted to work in an industry with good opportunities for career progression. I had come from a hairdressing background and was looking for a career change. The fast-paced environment of working in real estate first attracted me and I felt real estate was perfect for what I was after.

2 What does a typical day in your role of Receptionist/Client Services involve? What are your duties?

A typical day in the real estate industry is busy! I’m the first point of contact on the phone and when someone enters the office I’m the face of the company. People get to know you very quickly. A typical day involves filtering the incoming phone calls, greeting clients when they walk into the office, taking rental payments and making sure the office runs smoothly. It’s definitely not boring.

3 In your opinion, what three things make an outstanding Real Estate Receptionist?

Good communication skills, ability to multi task and trustworthiness – your team needs to be able rely on you!

4 What advice would you offer students looking to get into working in a real estate agency? 

My advice would be to do your research on an agency before you apply or go for an interview. Completing your Certificate of Registration would be a great foot in the door when you approach an employer.

5 What are your career goals for the next five years?

Being new to real estate, my career goals aren’t set in stone just yet but I’m looking to grow within the industry. I am enjoying the administrative side of my role and would like to step into accounting and administration in the future.


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