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Daniel Irvine

"It is an exciting career because there are no limits on how far you can go in the industry and you are very much in charge of your own destiny."

Danny Irvine started his first real estate educational qualification in 1975 and has been a Licensed Real Estate Agent since 1978. He holds qualifications in real estate, including a Diploma of Business (Real Estate Management) and the current Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate). He has additionally completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

1 What inspired you to get into the real estate /property services industry? Why is it an exciting career area to get into?

I grew up in a family where both my father and mother worked in real estate. My father worked for a real estate business in Melbourne and moved to Canberra to open a new business. My first job in real estate was as the Property Manager in the business and I started when I was 19. It is an exciting career because there are no limits on how far you can go in the industry and you are very much in charge of your own destiny.

2 How does studying real estate at Open Colleges prepare you for a job in the industry?

Studying real estate at Open Colleges gives you the basis of a career in the industry and the educational requirements to work in real estate. You then need to meet all other requirements of your state licensing authority to obtain a full real estate licence. A full licence allows you to act as a real estate agent in your own right, which means you can choose to either work for someone else or run your own business.

3 What is the most interesting thing you have learned through training real estate professionals?

The most interesting thing I find through training people to work in real estate is that anyone can become successful in this industry and there are no boundaries. The key to succeeding is in your ability to be a great communicator and a genuine people person. You are basically a problem solver and your job is to solve people’s accommodation problems on one hand and on the other hand to help people build an asset base for their future.

4 What advice would you offer students who are looking to gain an advantage in the real estate industry job market?

It pays to be proactive. Many advertised jobs will ask for experience so go out and get some work experience. Approach agencies in the area and offer to assist them for free in your spare time. Most agencies work on weekends. In our business, our part-time Saturday Receptionist became a Property Management Assistant and then very quickly a Property Manager. The basis of this started with her being aware of what happens in the office and assisting the staff in their work roles.

5 What is the most rewarding thing about working in the Real Estate industry?

The most rewarding thing about working in real estate is the satisfaction of seeing the joy on people’s faces when they have sold or rented their home or are moving into their new home. You get to know your clients and customers very well and will create lifelong social as well as business relationships through your interactions in real estate.

6 Can you tell us a little about your own career journey and how it has evolved over time?

My journey went from Property Manager to Sales and eventually to managing my own business with many twists and turns in between. By that I mean apart from residential real estate, working in areas such as commercial sales and leasing, to business sales, strata management and becoming an Auctioneer.

Many years ago I discovered that other agents in particular would come to me for advice, so the natural progression was to become a Trainer and I spent some time working as a Property Studies Training Co-ordinator assisting people to obtain their real estate educational qualifications and have continued combining this with real estate services working to assist other agents with their businesses.

7 Anything else you would like to add?

I have found that real estate has been a very rewarding career both in terms of personal growth and in creating a sound financial basis for me and my family.

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