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Damien Cooley


Damien Cooley

"You don’t become a great auctioneer overnight and, like most things, the ones who are successful are the those who are hungry to do well."

Damien Cooley is a fully licensed Auctioneer who works in all areas of residential and commercial real estate. Managing Director of Cooley Auctions, Damien has received a number of prestigious awards including the 2015 and 2013 Auctioneer of the Year at the Real Estate Business Awards, as well as the 2013 REINSW Award for Excellence – John Greig OAM Community Service.

Damien has starred on popular reality TV shows including The Block (where he has performed the winning auction five times), The Renovators, Under the Hammer, Hot Auctions and Selling Houses Australia. Additionally, Damien also dedicates his time to conducting annual charity auctions as well as a highly successful fundraising event to help people in need.

1 In a couple of short sentences, tell us a little about your career journey and how it has evolved.

I started in real estate in April 1999 and, like many of us, I started in leasing and property management. In 2000, I won the REINSW Novice Auctioneers Competition, and in 2003 I started Cooley Auctions. Today the business has grown to conducting in excess of 6,000 auctions annually.

2 What does the average day in the life of an Auctioneer look like?

There are four important things that I take into consideration on a daily basis: my wife and three kids, training for my next Ironman, running Cooley Auctions and being a great auctioneer. My average day involves all of these and more, starting between 5am and 6am and finishes between 7:30pm and 9pm depending on the day. Sometimes I wonder how I fit it all in!

3 What advice would you offer students looking at getting into auctioneering?

The REINSW Novice Auctioneers Competition is a must for any young person wanting to get into auctioneering. You don’t become a great auctioneer overnight and, like most things, the ones who are successful are those who are hungry to do well.

4 What are the top three things employers are looking for in an Auctioneer?

1. Passion
2. Personal presentation
3. Attractive personality

5 What is the biggest challenge you face in your daily work and how do you overcome it?

Winning business is one of the biggest challenges every auctioneer faces. It is a daily task to prospect for new business and maintain current clients. Nothing beats getting on the phone and speaking to current and prospective clients.

6 What is the most exciting thing about your job?

I am most excited when I truly feel like I have changed someone’s life by getting an incredible result for their home and knowing the decisions made during the auction impacted the result achieved for the owners.

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