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Andrew Sorensen

"Work harder on yourself than on anything else, work harder than your competition, never stop learning, master your emotions."

Andrew Sorensen is a multi-award-winning licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer who has worked in the industry for over 15 years. Establishing the Raine & Horne office in Charmhaven on the Central Coast in 2000, he has been ranked their top selling agent nationally for three years running. 

Having worked his way up the ladder from Salesperson to eventually Owner and Director of SORENSEN Real Estate, Andrew has helped hundreds of property owners as a respected agent both within the industry and local community.

1 Let's start at the beginning - what made you want to start a career in the real estate industry?

When I was a child of about 12 years old, my family lost their home to the bank when the recession hit Australia. It was a pretty distressing situation and it got me curious as to how homes can be worth a strong price one moment and then be half their value the next. I had always been interested in running through homes under construction and the smell of the fresh timber, plasterboard and wet paint. I had no intention in going to university as I was always better with my hands and loved being around people.

I started work full time in the family business the day my year 12 exams finished and have worked full time ever since. I worked with my dad as a mechanic in outdoor power equipment (boats, mowers, chainsaws etc.). I was active in the sales and repair and pretty much all aspects of the business.

I realised that I needed a bigger picture role and my next position was a store manager for Toys R Us. I received great training and learnt more about the law, recruitment, organisational structure and politics. After a few years I started to get drawn toward real estate and completed my Certificate of Registration while working full time at Toys R Us.

I was then approached by the company I did the Certificate of Registration through for a job and I started the following weekend.

The first company I worked for gave me the sink or swim approach, and I learnt to hustle fast. In four months I had already achieved more than anyone else at my level in the office, but it soon became apparent to me that the values of the organisation were not in line with mine so I made a decision to move.

The next office I worked in was the oldest in the region by age and also systems! I spent two years there before moving to my current office in 2004.

2 How has your career path evolved over time?

When I started in Charmhaven, the business was Raine & Horne. I began as a Salesperson and was promoted to Sales Manager after six months. In 2006, I was offered a 49% share in the business and I became a business partner. In 2012, my business partner retired and I took over the entire business.

The light-bulb moment in my career happened on Melbourne Cup Day in 2008. The global financial crisis had hit Australian shores and the Reserve Bank slashed interest rates and doubled the first home owner grant. I made the decision that day to be the best agent I could be and to win 1st place in Raine & Horne nationally for sales. The next two years I worked seven days a week and an average 14-hour day. I only had public holidays off and focused on learning more, meeting the best agents in the country and building strong relationships.

I started to try different things and started to specialise in auction selling. In 2011, I achieved my goal of 1st place nationally for number of sales in the Raine & Horne network, and 2nd for number of auctions. At this point I realised that I could win both the next year. For 2012, 2013 and 2014, I achieved 1st place for number of sales and number of auctions each year. Our office became a top 20 office in the country and last year we took a whole new direction and rebranded to /SORENSEN Real Estate. Last year I sold more homes than anyone else in the country, across all agents and brands, with 163 home sales. This was recorded publicly on

Having achieved all of this, my day now is focused on helping my past clients, mentoring and training my team and becoming a development specialist.

3 What is the secret to becoming one of Australia's most successful award-winning estate agents?

Work harder on yourself than on anything else, work harder than your competition, never stop learning and master your emotions.

4 What advice would you offer our students looking to get into the real estate/property services industry?

Real estate is one of the most rewarding careers; however, I may be biased. To have the gift of helping someone buy or sell a home is a life- changing experience. When you see a family grow and you work with them multiple times helping them move, you realise how special it is to do what we do. Too many people focus on the money to be made in our profession, and while you can be paid very well, if you focus on helping people and building relationships, the long-term career prospects become very fulfilling.

5 What has been the biggest challenge of your career and how did you overcome it?

Recently, I lost my partner of over 10 years to suicide. Everything in my world has changed since then. Lyndell was my best friend, soul mate and my number one fan. I would have found it very difficult to achieve what I have without such a great woman in my life and now trying to find what’s next has been very difficult. After a three-month break, I was able to look deep within and ask myself what do I really like about what I do? What gives me passion? What is my life’s purpose? What I realised is that I feel better about myself and time stands still for me when I am able to help my team and clients by giving great real estate advice. I really enjoy development, and I really enjoy training within my profession.

So basically now I have had an opportunity to create for myself a new role where all I do is what I love. Training my team and others, mentoring throughout our profession, working with developers and helping my team win listings. I now have more time for myself, my clients, my team and my family.

I wouldn’t change anything that I have done to get to this point, but the experience of losing someone so close certainly narrows your vision to what is really important in life.

6 What is next for you?

I like to see myself as a leader for how real estate should be done. I would love to teach more people to think like I do and change the perception of Real Estate Agents across the country. I am constantly trying to raise the standards of service and skillset to ensure the best results for our clients. I was a speaker at the Australian Real Estate Conference on the Gold Coast in 2014 hosted by John McGrath, and I would love to be able to share the stage again sometime, and of course continue to be acknowledged through our Real Estate Institute and other industry awards.

7 Anything else you would like to add?

I recently listened to a podcast featuring the billionaire philanthropist and entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria. A quote he shared which I really liked was “success unshared is failure”. It just got me thinking that we all have a responsibility to help each other; no one gets out of life alive.

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