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How this tool works

This tool will help you to create a personalised web page which you can then share with your potential employers or colleagues. Include a link to the page on your resume or LinkedIn profile to add something different, and get you noticed.

It includes information such as your personal branding statement, goals, inspirational figures, as well as your interests and values, and displays it in a format which is easy for an employer to gauge a snapshot of your brand.

Simply start by creating a profile on the left-hand side. Then fill in each of the 11 sections, before selecting the template which suits you best. The tool will then generate your personalised webpage ready for you to share.

If you’re not sure on what personal branding is, it’s importance or how to develop a strong personal brand; get clued up below before you start.

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is all about how you market yourself and your career to clients, colleagues, associates, as well as employers – both current and prospective.

Your image and brand speaks volumes about you, it’s the “package” that you show to the world. It is made up of a number of elements, which you can define. From your passions and interests, to your goals, to your influencers and inspirations.

You’re CEO of your own company, aptly titled Me Inc. It’s inescapable and to achieve authority today, your most important job is to be head marketer for the company called You.

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Why is personal branding important?

With the competitive nature of today’s job market, candidates are struggling to stand out from the crowd. This is where personal branding comes into play. It’s becoming an ever-increasingly important tool for jobseekers to shout about their strongest attributes and sell themselves to prospective employers.

Although personal branding isn’t all about job seeking. It also has the advantage of increasing your sense of self, helping you to deliver more value, define your specialism, as well as build your self-confidence.

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How to develop a strong personal brand

Sending the right positive cues will help your prospects recognise you as ‘the one’ to fill their opportunity gaps and take action. These actions are about being true to who you are, highlighting your strengths and making a genuine connection.

By developing elements such as your theme, appearance, reputation and point of difference, then constructing a personal branding statement, you’ll be well on your way to standing out in the crowd.

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Personal branding is an important tool in today’s job search and career development opportunities, get started by creating yours now. Simply create an account on the left-hand side and follow the tool step-by-step.