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Employment Outlook

Junior Interior Designer

Junior Interior Designers assist Interior Designers with the design and construction of building interiors to create tailored, purposeful spaces well-suited to their intended users.


Average wage for

Employment Levels

There are currently 4 900 people employed in roles similar to Junior Interior Designers in Australia. According to the Department of Employment, over the next 5 years (up until the year 2018) there will be the same number of jobs within this profession.

Employment by State

The majority of people in roles similar to Junior Interior Designers are employed in VIC. There is a lower proportion of Junior Interior Designers in NSW than the average for all occupations, while the population in TAS is close to the national average.

Gender Split

This is a female dominated industry. 73.8% of Interior Designers (the role closest to Junior Interior Designer) are female and 26.2% are male.

Age Brackets

The median age for people in roles similar to Junior Interior Designers is 43 years. Junior Interior Designers are 3 years older than the average age for workers in all occupations.

Hours Worked

People in roles similar to Junior Interior Designers work an average of 43.8 hours a week. This is 2.7 hours more per week than the average for all occupations.

Education Level

The majority of workers employed in similar professions to Junior Interior Designers hold a Bachelor degree. Another 34.3% have an Advanced Diploma or Diploma as their highest qualification.

Junior Interior Designer Duties & Tasks

  • Assist senior interior designer on site.
  • Manage administrational tasks and make bookings with clients and suppliers.
  • Draw up cost estimates.
  • Research aspects of buildings and materials so that decisions can be made.
  • Use computer-aided design software to draw up blueprints.
  • Provide clear documentation to subcontractors and manage them throughout the project.
  • Review plans to catch any errors before implementation.



*The information provided on this page is from the Department of Employment’s Job Outlook website. All salary ranges are from Payscale. Where jobs are not exact matches, job areas have been used. This information is to be used as a guide only.