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Brendan Wong

“Being asked to design a home for someone is very personal and I fully understand the responsibility that brings.”

Brendan Wong has twenty years of industry experience throughout Australia, London and Paris and holds a Bachelor of Interior Design and Masters of Interior Architecture.

He has developed a reputation for using quality, well-detailed materials that are layered with unique furniture and art to evoke restrained luxury. As recognition of his commitment to the development of the design industry, Brendan was honoured to be the recent recipient of a Fellowship to the Design Institute of Australia.

Brendan’s designs have been profiled in many publications including House & Garden, Belle, Indesign, Grand Designs, Metropolitan Home, Inside Out, Home Beautiful, Luxury Home Design and Modern Home.

1 What did you study and how has your career path evolved?

I studied a Bachelor of Interior Design and as a graduate worked for several design firms in Australia, London and Paris primarily on commercial projects. Since starting my own design studio ten years ago, I now specialise in high-end residential projects. Having practised now for twenty years, I still love my job and feel as enthusiastic as day one.

2 What is the secret to becoming an award winning interior design studio?

Respect for clients. Being asked to design a home for someone is very personal and I fully understand the responsibility that brings. I am there to develop the big ideas but they are only a result of the individual clients. Respecting their needs both aesthetically and functionally is paramount- I don’t see room for big egos from an interior designer. That said, my role is very much to think outside the box and deliver a result that exceeds their own expectations.

3 What has been the most challenging project you have worked on and how did you overcome the challenges?

Ironically, the most challenging projects can be those where I’m given total free rein for the design. As I really believe in interpreting each client to develop a design that reflects them, sometimes when I’m given fewer parameters it can be challenging to narrow down what’s most appropriate. I tend to overcome this by reading into whatever clues I can to put some kind of framework around the client's needs.

4 What are the top 3 things clients are looking for in an interior designer?

Firstly, the communication between an interior designer and client needs to be reasonably natural and I think both parties recognise the need to ‘click’ in that regard. Secondly, I would hope they are looking for a designer who can challenge them with ideas that would not be readily apparent but worthy of exploration. Thirdly, being able to reliably execute the design in a professional manner.

5 What advice would you offer students looking to get into the interior design industry?

I would suggest they focus on developing equally their computer and hand drawn visual communication skills. Consider your first position as a graduate in a mid size design firm so you are exposed to a broad range of projects led by various designers. If you are passionate about developing your career it helps to observe as much as you can in those early years.

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