Sam Brown

Drafting with AutoCAD

Sam Brown

Open Colleges Student Studying the Certificate IV in Design (Specialising in Interior Decoration)

“I like a simple layout and a minimal look. I think too much clutter is a bit overpowering so simple designs and textures are my favourite.”

With Open Colleges you have a study period and you unlock the study period as you move along. Student Sam says she always print off her content and writes her notes first, “and then I work through each of the assignments and just complete the study period.”

“I love all the drawing because I love illustration and I’ve just recently learned drafting on computer using AutoCAD,” the student says. “It’s hard to learn at first but now I love how everything turns out so perfectly.”

“I had no clue about AutoCAD when I first started out,” Sam says. “I was freaking out about it and I was contacting my trainer and then I went and bought a couple of books and now I’ve got the hang of it. It’s so simple and so easy.”

1 Have you had much contact with any of the other students?

Yes. On the forum you can talk to students and I talk to my trainer Chris a lot, and he’s been really helpful.

2 What are you going to do with your skills after you graduate?

I have a job lined up with an interior designer. She’s self-employed and owns her business. This qualification has helped me get there and learn the skills that I need to be able to work with her. She works on commercial projects for the hospitality interior design industry, so I’m really hoping to work alongside her and learn and have it as a job for the future. Her name is Simone Hessian.

3 Would you ever like to own your own studio?

Yes. I’d love to have my own company. I would love to have my own boutique venture that I built myself.

The studio that I am planning work for is within hospitality. Simone works with interiors. She’s all around New South Wales working on different club interiors and pubs and stuff like that.

4 What’s been one of your greatest achievements so far in your course?

Just getting this far really to be honest, this time last year, I probably just started the course but I had no clue where I was going to go. I knew I wanted to do something in interior design and this qualification has brought me one step further.

5 Are there any design related websites, blogs and magazines that you’ve read in the past month that you take influence from?

I use Pinterest a lot, I think that’s my main source because it’s just so simple. As soon as I need an idea for something I just look it up. I have different folders so I go and look at an image and it will give me inspiration.

I also read a lot of Belle Magazines and Vogue to see upcoming trends - so they are basically my main sources.

6 What are some of the elements in design that you like?

I like a simple layout and a minimal look. I think too much clutter is a bit overpowering so simple designs and textures are my favourite.

7 Is self-development within interior design important for you?

Yes, I think self-development is really important with interior design. I think when you’re teaching yourself online, developing skills like that is really important personally.

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