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“Discipline as well as establishing consistency and a sense of confidence in your own style will equip you well to tackle issues that may arise in your business life.”

Since 2001, Greg Natale Design has been dedicated to the integration of design and decoration in the areas of interior and exterior residential and commercial design.

It is known for its tailored, polished spaces and precise, considered approach, which have made it one of Australia’s top design companies and earned it several awards and accolades over the past 13 years.

In both 2014 and 2011, Greg was awarded the Belle Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year, and won Best Residential Interior in 2013. The company has also appeared on the shortlists and highly commended lists for the Belle Coco Republic Awards, the Australian Interior Design Awards, the Dulux Colour Awards and the Interior Design Excellence Awards among others.

Since its launch, the company has diversified into other design disciplines. Greg’s own bold signature style and inimitable use of colour and pattern have led to successful collaborations with Porter's Paints, on a range of wallpaper, and Designer Rugs, on a series of rugs and carpets. New collections are due for release by the end of 2014 for Designer Rugs, Porter’s Paints, Stylecraft and Worlds Away.

Greg Natale Design has been featured in local and international publications such as Australian Belle, House & Garden, Real Living Magazine and Houses, and UK magazines Elle and Wallpaper.

Greg’s passion for interior design and for creating meticulously curated, layered spaces is at the core of his first book, The Tailored Interior, which was published by Hardie Grant Books in November 2014.

1 Tell us about your career path and how it has evolved?

I’ve always been intrigued by design, even as a little boy I was redecorating my parents’ house at any given opportunity. In my teenage years I was often buying design magazines, fascinated by the creative potential the design world could offer a boy growing up in the suburbs of Sydney.

It probably comes as no surprise then that I should enrol at the Sydney Institute of Technology Enmore to study interior design, graduating in 1995. From there I decided to hone my skills further by studying Visual Arts at Sydney College of The Arts after which my keen interest in the built environment brought me, almost full circle, to study Architecture at The University of Technology, Sydney.

During that period I also worked very hard, strengthening my skills within big design firms such as Garth Barnett Designers, HBO+EMTB and SJB. Quite aside from the breadth of projects I worked on and the experience and knowledge this equipped me with, one of the most important lessons this period taught me was the importance of discipline in my work.

By the time I established Greg Natale Design in 2001 I had the confidence and experience to back my own personal style and approach to interiors.

2 Apart from homes, what else do you work on?

The residential projects that we are well known for, though an important and central part of my business, forms only one portion of what we do. Since 2001 we have completed many corporate and commercial projects, we continue to design and document retail fit-outs for many big name brands as they roll-out their stores across Australia and by the end of this year we will have our first luxury hotel completed for Accor Hotels, in the Hunter Valley wine-region of NSW.

As well as creating memorable interiors and exteriors for our clients, I have also enjoyed releasing my first book and my many product design collaborations. I currently have two rug collections and one range of carpets with Designer Rugs, a new cement tile range with Teranova, I’m very proud of my furniture collections for Regency Distribution and Stylecraft, my two wallpaper collections with Porter’s Paints and there are many big announcements still to come in the next few months!

3 What does it take to become one of Australia’s top interior design companies?

As I mentioned before, I think discipline as well as establishing consistency and a sense of confidence in your own style will equip you well to tackle issues that may arise in your business life. As a designer I believe that if you can stay true to your concept, your vision, then your business dealings will also be sound and they will echo the confidence and consistency that your work conveys. Design and decoration to some is misread as superficial, when in actual fact there is a very considered, tailored, logic to the process. Nothing happens without working hard at it. The same can be said for the success of a business.

4 What has been your most exciting interior design project to date? Tell us about it in a couple of sentences.

All my projects excite me in some way, or else I would not take the brief! Each one has moments that I’m really proud of and I can highlight real achievements or turning points for the company in each completed space, exterior design or room.

Looking forward, I can say that I am very excited about the completion of our first hotel project. Whilst we have worked on many hospitality projects, with great success, the complete refurbishment of this significant hotel as it goes through a huge rebranding is a real highpoint. We have been engaged by Accor Hotels to reimagine the entire establishment from reception and public areas to all restaurants, bars and the 80 guest rooms. Work is underway on the first prototype room and it’s looking really quite special.

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