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Getting Your First Job

The shift from completing your education to full time employment can be a challenging transition. Recent data from the Australian Government shows that the job prospects of young Australians are potentially dwindling. This could be due to a number of common errors made by young Australians when they’re seeking work.

The job market for entry level jobs is at an all-time low, while the number of new applicants is increasing. This seems to be causing an increase in the youth unemployment rate. However, it’s not affecting everyone - the best prospects are still managing to achieve spots in their dream jobs.

How do they do it? In order to stand out from the rest and get the job you want, avoid making these mistakes and follow Open Colleges' 7 Tips for Landing Your First Job.

7 Steps for How to Land Your First Job by Open Colleges


Excited about getting your dream first job? Why don't you start putting these tips into practice? Have a look at the career information we've put together in our Career Advice Section. You'll be more informed about the career area, meaning you'll be able to demonstrate a higher understanding about the industry or job and be more certain about your decision!


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