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Motivational Fitness

Motivational Fitness

Jess Robinson

“The secret is in taking the time to understand your clients as individuals.”

Most of us have days where we are low on motivation. Even professional trainers have days where they feel that they’d rather not get out of bed and head to the gym. Jess Robinson knows that sometimes the path to good health feels like it’s all an uphill struggle. She seized on the idea of motivational fitness training as a niche she could use to locate clientele that could use some specialist advice.

As a personal trainer, bootcamp trainer, writer, editor and passionate health and fitness blogger, Jess understands the issues many average people face every day. How to you motivate someone who is feeling a little bit lazy about their health and wellbeing?

Jess set up Lazy Girl Fitness in 2013, providing the everyday person with simple and effective workout ideas, along with much needed motivation! She helps her clients to create the perfect balance and importantly - have fun!

Jess is motivated to teach her clients to understand that perfection should never be the goal – good health and happiness is what she aims for.

1 How did you decide to get into personal training?

I was inspired to get into personal training by my very first trainer. She helped me get back on track after an over-indulgent first year at university. She also helped me to face a few demons that I didn’t know how to deal with myself.

I think that’s when I first realised that being a personal trainer wasn’t just about yelling ‘drop and give me 20’ (although that can be fun), it’s also about helping people to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and giving them the gentle push they need to make positive life changes.

2 What did you study and how has your career path evolved?

I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sports Media from University of Canberra, combining my two first loves - sports and writing. After finishing university I completed my SIS30313 Certificate III in Fitness FIA (Now FIA Fit Nation) and then a few years later, I completed my SIS40210 Certificate IV in Fitness so I could become a fully-fledged personal trainer.

3 What inspired you to start Lazy Girl Fitness?

I realised that there were a lot of blogs and websites out there catering to the already uber-fit community. However, it was much more difficult to find information and workout ideas for the everyday woman who is perhaps struggling to get motivated.

Plus, not everyone can afford to dedicate tens of hours and hundreds of dollars per week to their fitness routine, and so I wanted people to know that this did not make them a failure. Offline, I offer one-on-one training and group sessions, which target a broader demographic.

4 What's the secret to motivating those who are new to fitness training?

It’s different for every client. I guess you could say that the secret is in taking the time to understand your clients as individuals. Find out what scares them and what inspires them. Do they like to be pushed to their limits or is a softly-softly approach going to encourage them more, ensuring they get the results they desire?

5 What’s the most rewarding thing about being a personal trainer?

There’s nothing better than seeing a client do something they didn’t think they were capable of doing - whether it’s their first toe push-up or a half marathon. And because it’s such a special relationship you become quite invested in their lives and get to share some pretty special moments too - babies, weddings and that sort of thing!

6 How should fitness professionals set an example for their clients?

Of course it is important to practise what you preach - how can you expect your clients to make a commitment to wellness if you aren’t doing the same?

I try to exercise five or six times per week, eat fresh, healthy meals and spend time outdoors, but I also enjoy a glass of wine and some chocolate or gelato when it’s on offer! Basically, I believe in a balanced lifestyle and think it’s very important that your clients see you as human so they can relate.

7 Is there anything else you would like to add?

The fitness industry is an exciting place to work, and being a personal trainer opens up all sorts of opportunities - from writing and blogging to coaching, business ownership and heaps more. Plus, every day you get to meet people who have made a commitment to their health and wellbeing. And that is awesome!

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