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Jude Tarran

“Remember, as a fitness professional, you are a walking advertisement of your own skills.”

According to the Australian Government’s demographic survey, the population is getting older.

“In the past Australia was a relatively youthful country. In 1970, 31% of the population was aged 15 years or younger.” A generation later, this proportion had dropped to 22%. They prospect that “over the next 40 years, the proportion of the population over 65 years will almost double. This is a permanent change.”

Jude Tarran knows that seniors have particular health and fitness needs, and that this is a growing industry. She has worked in fitness for 12 years, setting up Fitness Inside Out, a mobile personal training service which comes to her clients, so they can fit in a workout without having to travel to the gym.

Fitness Inside Out doesn’t just help young clients. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to everyone, especially as you grow older. Jude decided to focus on a niche within the fitness industry, assisting seniors who are looking to get fit and be more active. Professional trainers help by designing a program specifically for senior clients’ needs and fitness levels, with support to help energise, relieve stress, manage pain and illness, as well as to improve overall wellbeing.

Within a very short time, the business has grown, with demand to service the Sydney metro and beyond with trainers located in Sydney, regional New South Wales, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Although the business is expanding at a rapid rate, Jude still makes sure that all of her trainers are happy and satisfied, both emotionally and financially, which helps to deliver an exceptional service to clients at all times.

1 What's the secret to setting up a successful personal training business?

When starting out, finding new clients is key. However, as you grow your business, your number one priority should be in customer retention. Once trainers learn the simple principle of meeting their clients’ needs and delivering on their promises, you will find you will have a loyal client base that will keep coming back and will be happy to refer you to others.

2 What are the differences in your training programs for senior versus younger clients?

We aim to tailor all of our sessions to the individual needs of clients, as no one client is the same. When designing a training program for seniors or any client, you will need to take into account their specific goals, medical history, as well as any injuries. Testing their fitness levels is the best way to identify their capabilities; you might be surprised how well some seniors do.

3 What characteristics are you looking for in a senior’s fitness trainer?

Every mobile personal trainer needs to be able to relate to their client. Having life experiences and a previous career will go a long way in helping you be able to relate to the client, which can help to improve the results.

4 What’s the most rewarding thing about training seniors?

For me, making small changes to their lives and helping them have better health is extremely rewarding. It’s amazing to see their results and improvements over time.

5 How should fitness professionals set an example for their clients?

I would say that you should lead by example. Make sure you have a healthy lifestyle and diet, plus make sure you are in shape too. Remember, as a fitness professional, you are a walking advertisement of your own skills.

6 What advice would you offer students who are looking to get started in the fitness industry?

I would recommend getting yourself a mentor, or even your own personal trainer. This will provide you with the guidance required to get started in the industry, however having your own personal trainer not only keeps you in shape but you will also enable you to understand what clients might experience.

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