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12WBT - Fitness and Nutrition

12WBT - Fitness and Nutrition

Gabi Bruce from Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

“Work with mentors who will guide you as you build your ‘real life’ experience in helping others.”

Correct nutrition should be the cornerstone of any health regime. Some trainers believe that their clients can train as “hard” as they like, but won’t see any lasting results until they “clean up” not only their diet, but their whole attitude to food.

Every person is different, believes Gabi Bruce. She’s the team leader of fitness and nutrition on the popular Michelle Bridges’ program, 12 Week Body Transformation or 12WBT.

If you are living in Australia it is pretty safe to say that you have encountered the life changing program. If you’re not doing it then your neighbour probably is, along with her sister’s best friend and the friendly barista at your local café. It’s immensely popular and Gabi Bruce is part of the team.

Gabi has been with the business from pretty much the start. With her lifetime of experience in the health and fitness arena it is no surprise that she has led a truly physical life – from ballet as a baby, to life as a fitness and yoga instructor as an adult. She “walks the walk” and “talks the talk” and is truly passionate about motivating others to reach their health and fitness goals.

1 What is the one thing your clients love most about the fitness and nutrition program?

The fact that it is a complete program. We provide everything for them! All they have to do is follow the program and they will achieve awesome results.

The real bonus of the program is that the 12 week duration allows participants to truly absorb the knowledge, skills and experience required to maintain the positive changes they have made to their lives - that’s enormously empowering for them over the long-term.

2 What has been your greatest career achievement to date?

Working with 12WBT and being a part of its growth from small roots to the powerhouse that it is today. I am so enormously proud of the work that every single one of us at 12WBT does; everyone is so committed to bringing the best product we can to our members so we can help them be the best versions of themselves they can be.

3 What are your top 3 tips for students looking to get started in the fitness industry?

Number 1: Get a qualification. Gaining a SIS30313 Certificate III in Fitness as a minimum qualification is a must, then aim to continue to educate yourself as much as possible.

Keep your qualifications current and provide the updates to your employers as you get them. The amount of time managers have to spend chasing staff for their updated documentation is crazy.

Number 2: Get experience. Knowledge is power, but you need to apply it in order to help others. Work with mentors who will guide you as you build your ‘real life’ experience in helping others.

Number 3: Establish a good reputation. It sounds like such a no brainer but this is something I often see people trip over when starting out. Follow through on what you say you will do, return phone calls, emails and texts (promptly) - even if it is to say ‘no, I can’t teach that class’, or ‘no, I can’t cover that training session for you. I’m sorry’.

4 What makes an outstanding fitness trainer?

Number 1: Passion: It is vital to be passionate about the industry and what you do!

Number 2: Education: Never stop learning, there are new advances and developments to do with our industry all the time. Keep abreast of the latest information so you stay current.

Number 3: Great communication skills: These are very important with helping you to convey your passion, knowledge and experience to your clients.

5 From your experience, what’s the best way to build a client base?

Get out there and make yourself known by auditioning, doing work experience, apprenticing to another personal trainers and enlisting the help of mentors.

Say yes to all the opportunities you can even if they are the ones you like the least. Over time as your client base grows, you’ll be able to mould it into something that works great for you - but this will require you to put in the hard yards and groundwork first!

6 In a few short sentences, can you tell us about your career journey?

I began my fitness career as a group fitness instructor when I started studying at university in New Zealand in the mid 90s. When I moved to Australia in 1999 I continued to teach and I later added group fitness management to the mix. I did that both nationally and internationally until I started with 12WBT in 2012.

12WBT grew so rapidly that I now work in it almost full-time and teach other classes around that. I am one of those very blessed people who really truly loves what they do!

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