Child Care Advice from Industry Professionals

Child Care Advice from Industry Professionals
Annemarie Sansom, the Australian Nanny Association

Annemarie Sansom

Interview with Annemarie Sansom, Vice President of the Australian Nanny Association

Today we are chatting to Annemarie Sansom, a career child care professional, for an insight into the business and how she came to develop an impressive 20-year career in the industry.

Annemarie is a dedicated child care professional who works with both The Australian Nanny Association and The Multiple Birth Association. Annemarie has studied a Certificate III and a Diploma in Children's services, the CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care being the current minimum level of training required for a child care worker as stipulated by the Australian Government.

Annemarie's career path has evolved from a centre-based care environment to one with her own nannying business and a strong involvement in the advocating and support of home-based nannies. She is a wonderful example of how a career can evolve across the sector if you are passionate about the industry.

Given that Annemarie has built a diverse and successful career as a child care professional we took this opportunity today to pick her brain on some of the meatier aspects of the industry and the opportunities for career development.

Industry trends

Annemarie's experience in the child care industry leaves her in a great spot to comment on any emerging trends Australians can expect within the next few months and years. She believes that "education is a big focus" and says that "flexible, quality childcare for families" is what the people of Australia want.

"With the Productivity Commission having a look at child care," she says, "it's an exciting time for families." She has a strong feeling that the child care sector will grow, "and change to meet both the family's and children's needs," a development that would be much welcomed by families, according to the Commission's report.

Getting started

To get started in the industry Annemarie volunteered her time with a number of different local organisations. She also made herself available for casual work at many centres in her local area. This helped her to “gain more experience” and was central to her success in obtaining her very “first job in child care”.

Setting up your own child care business

Annemarie's approach to the business side of things is two pronged: first you need passion above all else, next you need a willingness to understand the business side of things.

She elaborates "a passion for quality child care and helping families" is key, however "understanding the need to take time to grow and build your business" is equally as critical. You could do this by finding a business mentor or, as suggested by Annemarie, undertaking further studies to "help you manage your business".

Annemarie has worked hard over her years in the child care industry and her passion and hard work has paid off with career opportunity, as evidenced by her impressive career path.

Starting out, simply arm yourself with that Certificate III and get out into the community to volunteer your services. From here you will be off to a great start in replicating her career success.

If you are looking to taking the next career step from there, then completing the Diploma level course, as undertaken by Annemarie, will create further opportunities for you. Child care centres actually require a specific number of staff hold this Diploma qualification and these positions remain difficult to fill.

Annemarie agrees. "Having a passion for education and nurturing children is crucial for your success. The fantastic thing about the early childhood sector is there are so many opportunities and areas where you can work."

Where do you want to work?

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