The Samaritan ("ESFJ")

Famous Samaritan: Penelope Cruz

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“I’m The Samaritan. My friendly demeanour and positive attitude make me popular among my friends and colleagues. I enjoy organising people and projects, but do my best work in environments with fixed routines and clear protocols.”

ESFJs are people-oriented and often gravitate towards careers that allow them to support and nurture others. They appreciate structure and routine, but favour work that provides visible results or measurable progress.

Harmony and collaboration are important to ESFJs, and their practical skills combined with their genuine concern for others make them great team leaders and coordinators. Famous ESFJs include Hugh Jackman and Penelope Cruz.

ESFJ Strengths

Loyal: ESFJs value stability in their career and once they find a job they enjoy, they’re more than happy to make a long-term commitment. As long as they feel appreciated, ESFJs are extremely loyal and make trustworthy employees and reliable managers.

Warm and caring: ESFJs are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of others. They’re thoughtful in their interactions at work and will go out of their way to create a warm and collaborative environment.

Sociable: ESFJs have a way with people and are good at making others feel welcome and at ease. They’re good at making small talk but have no problem delving into in-depth discussions or connecting with people on a personal level.

Practical: In addition to their people skills, ESFJs are very practical. They like creating and sticking to daily routines, and are good at developing plans or organising people and activities.

Responsible: ESFJs are responsible and reliable. Once they have taken on a task they’ll see it through to completion, without passing it on to someone else or making excuses for themselves.

ESFJ Weaknesses

Self-conscious: ESFJs are often preoccupied with their social standing and tend to be hyper aware of the opinions and attitudes of those around them, which can lead to self-consciousness or insecurity if they feel they don’t match up.

Overly cautious: Because ESFJs place so much importance on what others think, they may have difficulty stepping out of their comfort zone and embracing innovative or unusual ways of doing things. 

Sensitive to criticism: ESFJs go to great lengths to please those around them, so when they feel that their methods are being criticised, they may feel hurt or become defensive, especially if the criticism is coming from someone they admire or look up to.

Needy: ESFJs are hard workers, but they like to know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed and often will seek reassurances that they’re doing a good job and are valued.

Selfless to a fault: ESFJs are selfless and won’t hesitate to go above and beyond in order to help someone. If they’re not careful, though, this selflessness could cause them to take on too much and burn out quickly.

What ESFJs look for in a career

Meaningful work: ESFJs are altruistic and enjoy careers that allow them to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Structure: ESFJs are organised and methodical, and prefer to work in a structured environment with clear expectations.

Interaction: Due to their warm and caring personality, ESFJs are happiest in careers where they can interact with and nurture others.

Emotional feedback: ESFJs are very results-oriented and need to receive recognition for their work in order to stay motivated.

Find out what career suits The Samaritan ("ESFJ") personality
Famous Samaritan: Penelope Cruz

Find out what career suits The Samaritan ("ESFJ") personality


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