When you’re applying for your dream job, having excellent references from previous employers can play an important role. These show recruiters that you are the ideal candidate for them to choose, as they display a history of your work.

Make sure you contact your referees in advance, to let them know that they may be contacted. This will allow them to prepare what to say so they are not caught unaware or unprepared.

Preparing your referees to speak on your behalf:

  • 1
    Contact your referees in advance
  • 2
    Display a full history of your work
  • 3
    Select those you have a positive working relationship with
  • 4
    Referees provide your interviewer with additional information on you

Enjoy your career change!

If you follow this guide, you’ll be better equipped to make a successful career change. Don’t forget that it’s never too late to make a career change. A good example from history is Vincent Van Gogh who was firstly a school master, a student priest, a missionary and then an art dealer. It wasn’t until his thirties that he became recognised for his artistic talents. So if you’re not happy in what you’re currently doing, remember that you can successfully change careers too, at any age!

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Want more tips on the interview process? Head to this interactive infographic for more tips.

Interactive Infographic