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Interviewee - Julianne Soviero

personal trainer, sports performance consultant, author of
Unleash Your True Athletic Potential

Julianne Soviero is a personal trainer, sports performance consultant and author of Unleash Your True Athletic Potential. She has studied nutrition, performance, recovery and even hypnosis in order to help athletes perform to the best of their abilities and has produced a number of award winning athletes.

Her career started in education and she taught high school English before realising that her true passion was working with and training athletes. So what made her want to try something new and what has she gained since then? Here’s her story.

5 minutes with our career change expert: tips and advice

  • Question: What made you realise that you wanted to change careers, and how did it all start?

  • Answer: I realised I wanted a career change because the political climate in teaching English seemed to be taking a turn for the worse. I was waking up extremely early and staying up very late reading papers and writing lesson plans. I was feeling really burnt out and run down.

    More and more clients were asking me to give them pitching lessons, and after only a few months of teaching, I had an offer to play professionally in Italy in the spring.

    My district would not give me leave to do that, so I stayed for the full academic year and then gave notice with plans of playing professionally the following year. My small business started to grow in that year though, so I ended up coaching the Italian professional team for two weeks instead of going to play there for several months.

  • Question: What was the biggest challenge you faced once you made the decision to move into a new career?

  • Answer: The biggest challenge involved in making the switch was fear of the unknown. I was giving up health insurance and a job in a good district to do something I loved. There was no security in that at all.

  • Question: What have been some of the biggest benefits of making a career switch?

  • Answer: The benefits are almost too numerous to list. I get to do something I love every day, I get to speak to motivate people, I help athletes get into college, and I mentor young instructors to help them create great athletes. I don't think I ever would have had the time to write a book if I was still teaching English. I couldn't be happier that I made this switch.