Career change often involves taking risks and being a little bit daring, so we asked award-winning producer and strategist Kaaren Peterson to share a few insights on how our needs, responsibilities and attitudes at different stages in our lives shape the career choices we make.

Peterson has devoted her life’s work to storytelling—stories of people, businesses, brands, places and most importantly, ideas. She has directed documentaries in Bangladesh, produced a rock concert in a rainforest and raised money for humanitarian aid projects all over the world.

Her work involves helping people figure out their “why” or in other words, to find their purpose. From there, she works to develop a story that draws the crowd to whatever their business is.


Quote - Kaaren Peterson

Producer, strategist at
The Social Producers

“We do a lot of work with people who are sort of stagnating or flat lining in their business,” explains Peterson. “They know there’s something missing. They know that they should be doing something, but they’re not exactly sure what. And a lot of the time, we go right back to the why. What’s your purpose? Why are you doing this thing that you do? If you’re very clear about your why, people will buy why you do what you do.”

Her main message is that if you want to provoke change and make big things happen, passion isn’t enough.

So if you want to change your career even when conventional wisdom tells you that you are “too old” or don’t have enough experience or the right qualifications, we’re here to tell you that anything is possible and it’s never too late to find your “why”.

1. Your main purpose 2. Why are you doing this 3. Passion isn't enough

Changing careers at different stages of life should not be daunting. Let’s look at how to change careers at 30, 40 and 50+.