Part 5: Cover letter

A cover letter is the first thing recruiters look at so make sure it stands out from everyone else’s. When you are changing careers, it is important that you explain the reasons for your change and focus on what you will be able to bring to the company.

“It’s important to analyse your past and future roles to see if there are any common skills or attributes which you can highlight,” Darke notes. “If there are, you can highlight them on your resume and also make reference to them in your covering letter.”

Here are some key things to consider when writing your cover letter:

  • 1

    Put the company first – Although you want to sell yourself, put the needs of the company first and show how your services can help their bottom line.

  • 2

    Keep it short – Bear in mind that a recruiter may have a number of cover letters to read, so make sure it is fairly short and concise. Keep it to around three paragraphs. If it is longer, they may lose interest or not read it.

  • 3

    Add personality – Stay professional, but try and stand out by adding your own personality to your letter.

Now you have your resume and cover letter sorted out, so let’s move on to developing your networking skills.