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Interviewee - Brittney Borowicz

marketing manager, freelance social media consultant

Brittney Borowicz is the marketing manager for a computer networking company as well as a freelance social media consultant.

She works to introduce new marketing initiatives, implement successful social media strategies and communicate brand messages across a variety of mediums. Before moving into marketing, however, she graduated from university with a Broadcast Journalism degree and worked for a news station as a newscast director and master control operator. We asked Brittney to share some of her insights into both the challenges and benefits her career change brought with it.

5 minutes with our career change expert: tips and advice

  • Question: When did you first realise you wanted to make a career change and what motivated you to take the first steps?

  • Answer: There were several factors that made me realise I needed a career change. The biggest reason was my schedule. I was working from 2pm until about midnight, every weekend and every holiday. I was at work while all my friends were at home and at home when they were at work. In addition, it took a lot of time away from family as I was unable to attend holidays when many professions get the day off work.

    On top of the terrible schedule, I was only being paid $US10 an hour for my work and the job strongly discouraged anyone from working overtime. I was being paid once every two weeks and would have to use a whole pay check, plus part of a second one, just to be able to pay my rent every month.

    I always said I would be okay with not much pay as long as I was happy, but in addition to not being paid much, I wasn't happy.

  • Question: What was the biggest challenge involved in making the switch?

  • Answer: I knew I wanted to move into marketing, but at the time, I didn't have much experience. I had graduated with a broadcast journalism degree and even though I had a few marketing internships in college, most of them involved jammed copiers and making coffee runs rather than learning real marketing skills.

    I really had to convince my next employer that I could utilise the journalism skills and sales skills from being a waitress and bartender in college to be a good marketer for their team. From there, I took it upon myself to do my own research on the ins-and-outs of marketing and made sure I seized every opportunity I could to learn from others in the marketing field.

  • Question: What would you say have been the biggest benefits to changing careers so far?

  • Answer: There have been many benefits. First and foremost, my work/life balance is so much better. I work hard but am able to see friends after work and on the weekends. I am able to spend holidays with my family members rather than sitting at work.

    Along with the better schedule, my salary is now three times greater than what it used to be which not only allows me to pay rent, bills and other necessities, but it also allows me to travel and occasionally splurge on myself and others.

    I am extremely happy I made the switch. I love my job and have been gifted with some amazing opportunities in the marketing field. I also work for a great company that takes care of me and makes sure I am happy with what I am doing.

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