Daniel Jacobs

Editor of Dynamic Business

Daniel Jacobs

"Nobody else can tell you the right time or the right way to conduct your business, so if you have a good idea, and the passion, perseverance, and ability to work hard - go for it!"

Daniel Jacobs is the editor of Dynamic Business, one of Australia's leading publications for small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs. With an extensive range of articles across a range of industry sectors, along with inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs, Dynamic Business is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses with the latest information and advice on how to start, manage, and grow a business.

1 In your opinion, how has the small business industry changed over recent years in Australia?

The doors are opening wider for startups in Australia as the business environment continues to evolve. Developing technology and government policy is encouraging new opportunities and making it easier to establish new ventures. Small businesses, particularly, are beginning to carve out their identity as industry disruptors. Technology is allowing new startups to operate more efficiently and with lower overheads. These factors combined are resulting in the birth of a new generation of forward-thinking, tech-savvy small businesses that are far more agile than their larger counterparts who are typically more sluggish in their approach to change and maintaining their competitive edge. We're seeing smaller businesses rise to the fore and becoming serious competitors to much larger businesses.

2 What advice would you offer students looking to eventually start their own small business?

Seek advice at every opportunity and prepare to embark on a continual learning experience, but don't over-think. All entrepreneurs have their unique styles, personality traits, and values but they do have one thing in common: they 'bit the bullet' and got on with pursuing their ideas. Nobody else can tell you the right time or the right way to conduct your business, so if you have a good idea, and the passion, perseverance, and ability to work hard - go for it.

3 In your opinion, what key things make an outstanding small business owner?

  • Not being afraid to do things differently .

  • Not fearing failure but instead picking up and moving on to the next idea upon failure.

  • Having a genuine passion for what they do.

  • Following ideas with action.
  • 4 What is the Australian entrepreneur industry like, how are Australian entrepreneurs unique?

    There's much encouragement and support in Australia for entrepreneurialism. Australia is consistently ranked in the top 10 countries in the world to start and run a business. We're seeing more and more success stories coming out of Australia - Atlassian technology company (who are reportedly about to float on the NYSE) is one of the many examples. These examples are inspiring budding entrepreneurs who don't feel that their ambitions will be realised as an employee. The current government rhetoric supporting innovation and small business, and policies such as the $20,000 tax-free threshold, are creating a great environment for startups.

    5 What are the latest trends in small business in Australia?

    Digital disruption is shaping the small business landscape as developments in technology raises questions over the way larger organisations go about their business. The rise of alternative lending (Fintech) is one of the emerging trends we are seeing. Not only are new lenders entering the market and making up for shortfalls in the traditional banking system, but startup and growth opportunities are becoming more readily available as a result.

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