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What is mindful leadership, and what are the traits of a mindful leader?

by Lisa Matlin
Posted: January 09, 2023

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Mindful leadership is a leadership practice focused on developing very high levels of self-awareness and wisdom. Mindfulness is all about being present, intentional, open-minded, and capable of managing stress. 

A mindful leader has mastered the art of shutting down the mind’s “busy mode” to respond only to what is happening in the moment, which enables them to focus their full attention on each project.

A mindful leader doesn’t obsess over the past or results, which creates a positive environment where employees can thrive.

What are the traits of a mindful leader?

  • Awareness: A mindful leader should be aware of themselves and their environment. It’s paramount that they reflect on their own thoughts, ideas, actions, and decisions.
  • Calm under pressure: A mindful leader stays calm under pressure because they are at peace with uncertainty. They notice when things are starting to escalate, and they step back and self-regulate to avoid getting caught up in the stress of the situation.
  • Attention: It’s important that a mindful leader gives their employees their full attention, no matter how busy they are. Leaders must be willing to stop whatever they are doing and focus on the needs of others. If they don’t, they run the risk of making their employees feel undervalued and unappreciated.
  • Leads by example: Mindful leaders always lead by example because they know that their attitude and behaviour influence team culture. If they do not lead by example, they know they will create a disconnect between their employees, which will only erode trust and respect.
  • Humble: A humble leader recognises their strengths and weaknesses and has the courage to ask for assistance when they need it. Being a humble leader means examining your own shortcomings when goals have not been reached, rather than immediately blaming your employees.


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Lisa Matlin

Lisa Matlin is the Content and Copywriter Specialist for Open Colleges. She’s worked as a freelance writer, proofreader, and is signed to a literary agency as an author. When Lisa isn’t writing for OC, she’s probably reading, or patting other people’s dogs.

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