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5 Travel Essentials That Will Make You Ooze Jetset Style

by Kate Gibbs
Posted: October 07, 2016

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Who says travel needs to leave you ragged and rung out? There are stylish travel essentials to lift your journey game and keep your composure, no matter what class of travel you’re on, Kate Gibbs writes. 

You know you’re part of the jet set when you have a goody bag filled with luxurious travel essentials. For the frequent flyer, a travel bag that’s curated to perfection makes travel as much about the journey as the destination.   

1.    Photo bling

National geographic World's best cities, sunglasses, camera with strap, chips and travel bag jetset style

Instagram: @flirtingwiththeglobe / Image via

A bright iPhone cover will do wonders to dress up your selfies, but for the stylish traveller, a real camera adds weight and quality to adventure pics. Fuji does a range of leather-look digital cameras that adds gloss to even the weariest traveller’s outfit. 

A truly luxe travel camera that’s carry-on ready, but costs a pretty penny is the Sony A7R II, which brings both portability and style to your carry on. Professionals have been waiting eagerly for the Sony G series lenses, and the 24-70mm is a versatile lens that will lift your snap game. Add a leather strap to give the camera another layer of elegant quality. 

There must be a place for selfie sticks when travelling, though from a style point of view it’s hard to know what that might be. 

2.    A place for notes 

A bright journal is not only easy to find in the carry-on, it will ensure notes from each journey stand out from other journals on the bookshelf in years to come. 

Leather stands the test of time, while a colour that cheers you every time you make notes will only give your adventure new layers of joy. 

A bright green for Fiji, a turquoise for Greece, hot pink for Spain; travel journeys inspired by colour and new ideas deserve a bright journal to match. 

3.    Passport game

Big Ben and funky passport holder

Instagram: @margarita_karenko / Image via

That style-essential shot of your boarding pass beside that first glass of Champagne in the lounge is given a chic twist when matched with a quality passport holder. 

Spending excessive money on luggage can seem like a waste when that pristine thing is only going to be dragged over carousels and hauled on the plane by people who care less about scruff on your bags than you do. 

So delegate that cash instead to something you use constantly when travelling, and that adds an element of style to your travel essentials without breaking the bank.  

4.    Mid-flight shut eye

There’s nothing like nodding off on a plane, head dropped and mouth agape, to let down the chic look you’ve worked hard to ensure. 

A light pashmina (or scarf for men), can be rolled to prop the head or wrapped loosely to hide an open, slumbering mouth. Nobody need know who is snoring on the long haul. 

5.    On-board refresh

Burt's Bee's mini travel essentials, lotions, mask,cleanser

Instagram: @burtsbeesaus / Image via

No matter which class of travel you take, you can pack like it’s first class every time. When the freebie miniature toothpaste and heel-less socks don’t exactly inspire, turn to your own supplies for a luxurious onboard refresh. 

Aesop does light, herbal-infused travel-size shampoos, body balms and cleansers to help you regain composure mid-flight. 

** Open Colleges does not currently offer any Travel Courses**


Kate Gibbs

Kate is a Sydney-based food writer, author, photographer and cook. She is known for her passionate stories about food, writing three cookbooks and hosting food events including Taste of Sydney, Regional Flavours Brisbane, and Tourism Australia’s recent food trade event.

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