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Learning online with OpenSpace

by Elizabeth Harmon
Posted: September 02, 2019

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At Open Colleges, we want to ensure you have the very best online learning experience – That means getting the most out of your course and having all the resources you need at your fingertips for your best chance to succeed. We’ve therefore developed a fantastic online platform for you to use, called OpenSpace.

What is OpenSpace?

OpenSpace is an easy to use online learning platform that will become your very own online campus. But the great thing is, it’s available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

Once you’re set-up with an account, you will be able to access everything you need for your learning, all in one place. You will be able to view all your learning materials and course content. You can submit your assessments via the platform, receive any feedback and check your grades. 

But that’s not all… OpenSpace also provides you with an online support network. This allows you to get the help and motivation you need for your learning. You can connect with trainers and assessors, faculty staff, our student support team as well as the wider student community.

What are the benefits of using OpenSpace?

If you’re considering learning online, we like to think that our OpenSpace platform will provide you with many benefits which make your learning easier and more enjoyable. Here are some of the many benefits of OpenSpace to consider:

  1. Convenient portal : OpenSpace is an online portal so you can access your materials and support whenever and from wherever you are. That means you can fit your learning around your other commitments and can even study while on the go. There’s no need to travel into a physical campus, as all you need is an Internet connection to access OpenSpace. It’s even designed to be used on any device too, so you can learn from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Easy to use : OpenSpace has a simple design and is easy to use. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate around too. This means you can access all the help and support you need for your learning, with minimal effort. You don’t need to search high and low for your learning materials or hunt for contact information. You can therefore spend less time searching for what you need and more time on your actual learning.
  3. It’s full of helpful learning materials
    To succeed in your course, you need all the right learning materials. Instead of having to hunt the internet, everything is at your fingertips with OpenSpace. This includes learning materials, course content and online libraries for extra reading. All materials are updated on a regular basis too, so you can feel confident in the knowledge that you’re learning the very latest information.
  4. Enjoy a support network
    When learning online, you can often feel like you’re on your own. Unlike a physical classroom, you don’t have other students who you can chat with. But with OpenSpace, you do. You will have access to an online network of students who will be having the same experiences as you and who may even be taking the same course as you. You can ask questions, share tips and tricks and more. You could even find people who you want to work with, as an online study buddy! We think having this extra level of support can make a big difference to your learning. It can make the process more enjoyable and even help you stay motivated and on track with your studying.
  5. Get support, when you need it
    If you have a question, you not only have a whole community of students you can talk to, but via OpenSpace you can also contact our friendly Learning Support Team to discuss your problems. If you have a question about your learning materials or are stuck on an assessment, you can also message your trainers and assessors through OpenSpace too.
  6. Stay motivated to study
    If you’re concerned about staying motivated when learning online, then there’s no need to worry with OpenSpace. You’ve already seen how there is a great support network that can keep you motivated. But OpenSpace also helps you manage your time, set goals and plan. With our brand-new learning dashboard, you can also track your progress and see your course statistics.

How can you get started with OpenSpace?

Once you’ve enrolled in a course at Open Colleges, you will receive your login details for OpenSpace. You’ll then receive an introduction, where you can choose to watch a video tour or have a one-to-one session with our friendly support team. You’re then ready to get started – It’s as simple as that!

If you ever need extra help using or navigating OpenSpace, support is always at hand at Open Colleges.

To find out more, visit our OpenSpace page. You can also take a look at our OpenSpace improvements page too where you’ll discover some of the exciting new updates that we’ve been working on. We think you’ll love the changes that are coming!


Elizabeth Harmon

Elizabethis an experienced Freelance Social Media Consultant based in the south of England. She works with a growing number of clients all around the world, showing businesses how to use social media more effectively and helping them to get the maximum benefit from it.

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