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How To Inspire Your Fitness Clients To Stay Motivated

by James Anderson
Posted: August 18, 2016

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I'm sure we can all agree that whether in business or our personal lives, there will always be certain times in life in which we all need a little thing called 'motivation' to get things done, writes Personal Trainer and Business Owner, James Anderson

And when it comes to being a personal trainer, you're going to have to get good at being able to motivate your clients to change their habits from the old, to the new. 

Because although you may not need a new year, new month, or even an “I’ll start again Monday” to be motivated toward your goals, some of your clients will. 

So here are my top tips for how to inspire your personal training clients to stay motivated. 

1.    Have Goals

Middle aged man who has just completed a hike, one of his goals

It doesn't matter whether it’s in your own life or when you're dealing with the health of your clients, you have to set goals. This will ensure that you map out the destination and roads you'll be taking on your journey. 

This provides a sense of certainty, and, if you read my last article, you'll know that 'certainty' is one of our 6 basic human needs. 

If you don't know where to get started with goal setting, it's simple. Just answer these questions: 

  1. What do you/they want? 
  2. Why do you/they want it? 
  3. How will you/they achieve it? 

Now, please be aware that the “what” and “why” are far more important than the “how” - at least to begin with. 

The easiest way to get motivated is by attaching positive emotions to the sense of achievement that comes with envisioning your desired outcome.  

Once you've done this, you can then map out the "how", with regards to steps and resources required (i.e. time, energy, freedom, money etc.). 

2.    Start saying YES (to things you would usually say NO to) 

Personal trainer inspiring his fitness clients to keep motivated on the athletic field

This is where you push comfort zones. It's in these moments where the discomfort tells us to stop and stay safe, that we must force ourselves to accept discomfort and transcend what once was to make way for what can be.

Because in the case of exercise, if you can do 10 push ups easily, then those doing just those 10 won't get you results, will they? 

It’s in the reps that you struggle for, where new strength is earned. It's a conscious decision to avoid the easy path and to choose to do the right thing instead. 

3.    Start saying NO (to things that you’d usually say YES to)

Red headed girl playfully eating mint ice cream in a yellow jumper

Although you may think NO is the opposite to the above, it's actually the exact same thing — they're both about taking responsibility. 

Because in a world where we can pretty much get everything at the touch of a button, I believe that we’ve forgotten that some things need to be earned and that you can’t outsource success. 

What you’re doing when you say NO to those easy options in your life is building up an emotional immunity which will fuel your motivation further. You’ll start to get a buzz out of this delayed gratification. 

NOTE: Steps #2 and #3 only work when you’ve got some rock solid goals set. Because you have to have something that you’re delaying that instant gratification for - something bigger. 

4.    Consistency, not perfection

Silhouette of girl in active wear looking out to beach

We all want to be perfect, but no one is. But if you allow the need for perfection to stop you from taking even a small step, then you’ve failed before you’ve even tried. 

When you can understand and comprehend that it’s okay to make mistakes and fall off the horse from time to time, then you’ll be able to quickly dust yourself off and get back on without losing too much ground. 

And the sooner you can realise that falling off the horse won't kill you, then your ego won’t take too much of a beating and your motivation will be far more consistent. 

5.    Action

Changing office shoes to running gear

I don’t need to say much about action other than without it, you’ve got nothing. Action is paramount to any success in life as without it, you’ll quickly stagnate. You must force action quickly and as often as possible to provide a sense of movement and growth. 

Just remember that even slow progress is still progress, and that the sense of growth is one of the most powerful ways to motivate yourself to keep moving. 

I really hope these tips helped you understand a little more about easy it can be to stay motivated if you just take the time to think, question, and focus on what's important - not just what's easy. 

Once you understand how powerful these can be, then you'll be able to keep motivated and inspire your clients much more.

Good luck!


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James Anderson

James is the owner of a women’s only tribe based at Bondi Beach that focuses on strength and conditioning team training for optimal outcomes and long-lasting solutions.

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