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How To Get Promoted Quickly

by Rebecca Jee
Posted: February 08, 2016

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When you love your job and the place you work, it’s natural to want to progress as far as you can. Getting a promotion validates the work you do and can often accompany a raise or increased responsibilities. If you want to get ahead faster, follow these 9 key tips and you may be on the fast track to promotion sooner than you think.

Once you’ve been in a job for a little while, your thoughts will most likely turn to, “so where do I go from here…and how?” You want a better salary, better benefits, higher responsibilities, more challenges? You need a promotion! 

Moving up through the ranks of an organisation or industry can take time, but there are some things you can do to get noticed. Here are some tips that you can put in place from your first day on the job, increasing your chances of getting that promotion quickly.

Know where you’re going

How to get promoted quickly

What’s your ideal job? What steps do you need to take get there? Even if that objective is several years away, it helps to know what you’re aiming for, and means you can focus on the promotions that will take you on the right path. Always keep an eye out for job opportunities in your industry.

Work in a high-growth industry

There won’t be much chance of a promotion in an industry that is in downturn and being forced to sack employees. The more growth in your industry, the more room there is to move, and the more potential for you to make your mark. 

Bring solutions to the table, not problems

How to get promoted quickly

When you’re at work, don’t just turn up, but be prepared to participate. Don’t be the person who always has to be chased up when deadlines are looming, or whose work constantly has to be fixed. Speak up in meetings, show that you’re diligent, prove that you can take responsibility and lead others.

Show initiative

Go above and beyond what you’re expected to do. That doesn’t mean pulling all-nighters or doing other peoples’ work, but be looking for ways that you can improve on how things are done currently, or suggest ideas that can improve the quality of your own work and your workplace as a whole.

Get mingling…

Mingling with everyone - how to get promoted quickly

This is particularly important if you are working in a large organisation; you want people to know and remember who you are. Take every opportunity to have a conversation with your colleagues; it doesn’t have to be a deep and meaningful, but be friendly and approachable with everyone from juniors to seniors to the CEO. Make it a priority to go to any social functions, like the end of year party, so people can get to know you. 

…But don’t gossip (or be the source of gossip!)

Gossiping about colleagues is never a good look, and more often than not, can come back to bite you. Try and resist getting caught up in office drama and politics.

Be passionate

How to get promoted quickly

If you love what you do, it follows that you’ll take pride in doing your job well. 

Invest in yourself

Keep your skills as sharp as you can, and do some further training or study in your field. Learning new skills or building on ones you already have will make you more marketable in a competitive job market, and just might give you an edge over other promotion candidates. Keep your professional social media accounts (e.g. LinkedIn) and resume up-to-date with any achievements or further study you complete. 

Are you hoping to open the door to new career prospects? Watch our video below.


Take some time every so often to assess how your current job is going. Maybe it’s time to take the bull by the horns and apply for a higher level role. Maybe there’s no room for promotion at your current workplace and it’s time to switch organisations. Or maybe you’ve realised your passion lies in a different field altogether and it’s time for a career change


Freelance Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Musician, Food Consultant, Massage Therapist—you name it, she’s done it all. She loves a creative challenge and has a rock-solid background in working for not-for-profit organisations.

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