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How to Motivate Yourself at Work

by Yvette McKenzie
Posted: June 03, 2015

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Getting motivated to work not only increases your productivity but also benefits your life outside of the office environment so here’s how to get up and get moving.

Are you finding it hard to get your head down at work and complete all those tasks you have long been putting off? Having a lack of motivation is a common problem for many in the workplace regardless of age, gender or career. It’s often easy to put off what needs to be done and instead become easily distracted by seemingly more interesting or more important things.

However by streamlining your working processes and adhering to a few simple rules you will have the will power to achieve the necessary get up and go that enables you to get things. Best of all, the following tricks will give your more time to focus on the things you really want to do both at work and outside of the office.

1. Locate what is stopping you working

First of all you need to identify what is stopping you working in the first place. Is there a real problem that needs to be addressed or is it all in your head?

If you require a piece of equipment, a specific type of software, some help from another colleague or some advice from management you need to write them down. Having assessed what you need in order to get things moving you can formulate an action plan in order to get you working now. If your sheet of paper remains blank then you know it’s only you getting in your own way.

2. Take control

It can be easy to be overwhelmed by personal and professional responsibilities but by taking control and focusing on the task in hand you can determine the ultimate outcome. You need to own every moment of your professional career and not leave it to others to determine how and when you work.

Start that task, open that laptop and ring that person. Whatever it is you need to do always require the first step. Take control and make it.

3. Surround yourself with motivators

Humans are impressionable beings and whether you are 16 or 60 it always helps to have good influences around you. More often than not people are the best positive influences you can have at work. Surround yourself with people that are motivated and that actively take step to achieve things. It will rub off.

Encircle yourself with unmotivated and disenfranchised people and it can be hard to break out of the slump. Put yourself in a motivational environment and motivation will come much more naturally.

4. Break up something big into smaller bite size tasks

Break your hard work into component parts and you will be able to see much easier the obstacles that are coming your way. Motivation is the drive to move forward and obstacles will only slow you down. Anticipating what is to come will ensure you are ready for any barriers that may be put in front of you.

Most importantly, pat yourself on the back when you complete them. A small win can appear trivial but they can boost inner work life enormously.

5. Stay focused

Look at what you need to do and eliminate all outside distractions. Put your phone on silent and turn it over. Turn off the television and perhaps set your instant messaging status to ‘away’. Do what you need to do so you can truly focus on the task at hand. Reward yourself once it is completed. Always think of the end goal.

6. Remember your “why"

Nothing is more motivating than reminding yourself why you’re doing the work in the first place. Whether you are switching careers or pulling an all-nighter to get a sensitive report done on time, knowing why you are doing something will help you stay motivated focused and diligent.

7. Stay positive

Building self-esteem is about finding out what your strengths are and then developing and building on them. Recognise your skills and your weaknesses then turn your weaknesses into new skills. Staying positive is not about burying your head in the sand, hiding from the truth or lying to yourself. It’s about looking at a situation honestly and knowing that you can tackle it. It you do not know how to approach a hurdle you should remain confident that you could find a way to leap over it.

Kick start something new today, always focus on the positive outcome, your ‘why’ and see motivation help you reach new heights you never thought possible.



Yvette has over a decade of professional experience at some of Australia’s largest media corporations, including Southern Cross Austereo and the Macquarie Media Network. With a degree in Communications (majoring in Journalism), she covers stories on education, new knowledge technologies and independent learning.

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