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A greener career: why study horticulture courses online?

by Craig Boyle
Posted: December 03, 2019

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If you’ve got a passion for plants, have you ever considered cultivating your interest and growing it into a career? After all, the most satisfying jobs are rooted in your hobbies. Jokes aside – a career in horticulture can be very rewarding. Here’s how studying horticulture courses online can help budding landscapers find their dream role…

When it comes to studying the fundamentals of horticulture, you may not have considered online study. The hands-on nature of jobs in horticulture means that often, people are unaware that you can build a vast range of skills and a high level of knowledge just by studying online.

What’s covered in Horticulture online courses?

Horticulture is an expansive field of study that includes the identification and maintenance of various plant species, learning to install and maintain displays, improving soil, conducting site inspections and more. What may surprise you is that much of this knowledge can be learned online – allowing you to study around your own life and at your own pace.

In AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture, you’ll begin by learning to recognise, collect and preserve plants. You’ll study shrubs and trees, learning how to plant them and encourage growth. From here, you’ll build knowledge in installing and maintaining display plants and nursery plants – giving you a good foundation in gardening for displays. Following this you’ll begin to specialise in areas such as pest control, coordinating site activities and instituting maintenance programs.

There are also different levels of certification available, so if you’re a hobbyist who just wants to expand your skills without a career goal in mind, you can still enjoy the structured learning approach offered by online studying.  

We’ll be first to admit that not every skill can be learned online. That’s why great online courses incorporate some real-world work experience to ensure that you build the practical knowledge as well as the theory.

Why study Horticulture online?

Real world experience is an invaluable aspect of horticulture, but the benefits of studying the rest of your course online is hard to ignore…


Have you always enjoyed gardening but been too busy with your day to day work to pursue your passion? Online study means you can fit in studying around your life – without having to give up on your dreams.

With Open Colleges, you can log in to our Open Space platform anytime and on a variety of devices. This means you can fit study around the quiet moments, whether that’s on the train to your current job, when the kids have gone to sleep or just when it suits you best.


Studying online is not an isolating experience. With Open Colleges, you can join a social community with other horticulture students where you can discuss your course and get support, or just chat about the finer points of plants.

However, if you’re genuinely struggling with the learning materials or the payment options, you can also contact our trusted student support team to work with you on finding a solution. To put it simply, you’re never on your own when you study horticulture online with us.


Studying a nationally-recognised qualification online means that you gain a pathway into a professional horticulture career. Our Certificate III in Horticulture is the perfect foundation for a career in landscaping or as a park and gardens team member. The comprehensive knowledge you’ll build could also form the basis for your own landscaping business.

Don’t let the limitations in your daily life prevent you from following your dreams. Indulge in your hobby and build a great understanding of horticulture with our AHC20416 Certificate II in Horticulture, or start building towards a greener profession with  AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture.


Working with nature highlights the importance of protecting our environment. Studying with Open Colleges means a completely paperless experience – everything is done online. While it’s a little step – it’s still a good way to help protect the very earth you’re working to cultivate as part of your course.

Ready to get started? Whether you’d like to study for self-improvement or to start your dream career, enrol into an online course and grow your passion into a formal qualification


Craig Boyle

Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, Craig worked for Open Colleges as a Copywriter. Craig's career passions include marketing, small business, tech, start-ups and leadership.

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