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5 Floor Design Ideas and Trends You'll Love in 2017

by Carlene Duffy
Posted: May 07, 2017

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Thumbnail image credit: Nat McCommas

There are a few products that have long reigned supreme in interior floor design (timber floorboards is one such product) writes Interior Designer and Decorator, Business Owner and TV Personality, Carlene Duffy

But recently we have seen some advancements in floor ideas with some appealing (and surprising) options coming to the forefront of home interiors.

1.    Dark timber floors

Dark timber floor is a new interior floor trend

Instagram: @coastalhamptonstyle / Image via 


The blonde timber that has led the charge in interiors, hand in hand with the Scandinavian movement of recent years, will start to play second fiddle to much darker and warmer timber floors. 

While I can still appreciate a good quality light oak timber floor, I personally can’t go past the richness of a dark timber. There is something so warm, elegant and sophisticated about it and the way it transforms a home that is hard to deny. 

Lighter alternatives are better suited to beach-inspired, more casual spaces.

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2.    Concrete floors

Carlene Duffy loves a good concrete floor design
Carlene Duffy gets serious abut concrete floors
Image credit: Nat McCommas 


I can personally vouch for concrete floors because we rock polished concrete in our own home - if durability is high on your priority list then this is the floor for you. Our kids ride their scooters through the house without us flinching. 

We were fortunate to have a concrete slab that once ground back, revealed a beautiful river stone aggregate. If you’re not so lucky as to have an existing slab, you can, of course, have your concrete poured and choose the aggregate you prefer. 

Another way to enjoy concrete floors is to simply seal the raw concrete with an epoxy coating for a smooth, gloss finish that’s synonymous with commercial spaces.

3.    Cork floors

Cork floor ideas

Instagram: @laurenliess / Image via 


It’s hard to believe, I know - but it’s back. We’re only at the beginning of the cork movement with major flooring retailers still finalising their cork flooring ranges. But keep an eye out, it’s coming. 

I’m still trying to get my head around the look but I can see it working in a relaxed interior scheme especially one that demonstrates Scandinavian qualities. Cork is durable and soft underfoot and this will be a major drawcard for many homeowners. 

4.    Brick floors

Brick floor in mudroom design

Instagram: @meggiehinteriors / Image via 


Whilst it’s true that brick flooring is undoubtedly making a comeback, this is a product that rather than being used throughout an entire interior, in fact, works best to zone certain spaces within a home and to add contrast. 

Such spaces include the mudroom, the kitchen, or the terrace. I wouldn’t want to see brick floors in the bedroom because these spaces should always be warm, soft spaces - soft is difficult to achieve with a brick floor.

5.    Mosaic tiles

Black mosaic tile in bathroom

Instagram: @beaumont.tiles / Image via 


For the most part, the effectiveness of mosaic tiles is pretty specific to wet rooms, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. In the past, homeowners have gone to great lengths to avoid grout lines on the floor. 

But done right, grout lines can be both a beautiful design feature and provide a perfect non-slip effect on your floor. It’s all about finding the right tile (and pattern) and the right grout colour. 

Anything too dark or too light will show dirt so opt for something in between. If you want to highlight the pattern of the mosaic, opt for contrasting grout - but I suggest matching the grout to the tiles for a subtle contrast on the floor.

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Carlene Duffy

Carlene is best known as one half of Michael and Carlene Duffy; the down to earth Gold Coast couple who shared their highs and lows with Australia on 9’s series The Block ‘Glasshouse’. The dynamic duo also featured in Renovation Rumble, and have together established their business ‘Cedar & Suede’.

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