5 good reasons to do an electrician pre-apprenticeship course

by Rhiannon Feast
Posted: October 05, 2017

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Recently finished school and are considering an apprenticeship? Thinking of a complete career change? Or perhaps you want to explore an interest?

A Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) could be just the thing to spark an exciting future.

With a high rate of employment, an above-average salary and a variety of diverse work opportunities, a career in the Electrotechnology field is a dream that can be achieved with the help of an electrician pre-apprenticeship online course with Open Colleges. 

1.    Get that electric feel

Trendy lightbulbs and filaments

Choosing a trade for an apprenticeship isn’t easy. How are you meant to know if an electrician trade is right for you without experiencing it first? By completing a pre-vocational electrician course prior to your apprenticeship, you’ll gain an insight into what life as a sparky is like. 

Matthew Bayada worked as an electrician for 12 years after completing his apprenticeship and spoke to Open Colleges about his time in the industry. He affirms that by completing a pre-apprenticeship course, you’ll gain valuable exposure to the industry.

“You’ll get exposure to hand tools and mathematics involved, such as working out circuits. You’ll soon figure out if working as an electrician is something you’d enjoy and want to pursue further,” Bayada says.

Not only will you be able to gauge if the electrotechnology industry is the right fit for you, but you’ll also gain a new and exciting set of skills and knowledge, specific to the sector. 

All course material is provided by industry professionals, passionate about their field and dedicated to guiding you through your electrotechnology apprenticeship

2.    Get a head start on the competition

Knowledge is power, right? So a knowledge of power is a huge advantage when the time comes to start applying for jobs and apprenticeships. Employers will appreciate your competitive edge over others applying for the same position. 

Research shows that employers prefer those who have completed a pre-apprenticeship course as they cull out unsuitable candidates and increase the supply and quality of potential apprentices. 

When asked, 95% of apprentices who completed a pre-apprenticeship course agreed that they had learnt a lot, and 93% strongly agreed that they had enjoyed their course.

“The more skills you’re putting on the table when you’re applying for an apprenticeship, the better,” says Bayada. “Students who have completed the Certificate II in Electrotechnology will have a far greater advantage than someone who’s left school and doesn’t have any clue about electricity.” 

“If you did the electrician pre-apprenticeship course, you’ll definitely have a leg up on other people that are applying for the same job that you might be.”

3.    Fast-track your apprenticeship

Electrician teaching his apprentice how to fix an electrical socket

So, you’ve decided that the tradie life is right for you, completed your Certificate II in Electrotechnology and secured an apprenticeship to work towards your dream electrician career.  

The good news is your nationally recognised qualification offers credit towards the Certificate III in Electrotechnology (Electrician) that you’ll complete as part of your apprenticeship - so you’ve already done a chunk of the hard work.

In completing this course, you’ll also construct a portfolio of work that demonstrates the new skills and knowledge you’ve gained in your pre-vocational electrician course which will come in handy when looking for work. 

Additionally, this online course also gives you access to Trade Hub, a resource available to students needing assistance with general English and mathematics skills. Trade Hub helps students understand the main concepts of construction studies such as percentages, measurement, manuals and instructions - all skills that sparkies use on a daily basis. 

4.    Ignite your confidence

When it comes time to start applying for apprenticeships, having the confidence of your new skill set behind you is invaluable. The skills you’ve learnt will make approaching prospective employers a much less daunting task, as you’ll be able to confidently discuss industry terms and tasks.

In completing the electrotechnology pre-apprenticeship course, you’ll also have the opportunity to build your network in the industry and create professional relationships with people who may be able to help you on the way. 

The pre-apprenticeship course material also includes content on how to provide customer service. Customer service is a highly-valued skill for a tradie, and employers will appreciate that you’ve got what it takes to deliver great service to their clients during your electrotechnology apprenticeship. 

5.    Charge up your handyperson skills 

An electrician pre-apprenticeship course will help you become a handyman

Looking to be handy around the house, want to start a hobby or intend to become a fully-fledged handyman or woman? These days, nearly all of the devices we use daily are powered by electricity, so knowing your way around a piece of an electrical equipment is a great skill to have. 

According to Job Outlook, over the past 5 years, the number of jobs for handy people has grown. More and more people are selling their skills as handymen and women for little jobs around the house, like light replacements, plastering, outdoor maintenance and small house repairs.

It’s also worth noting that being handier around your own house will save you money on professional services, as well as give you a wonderful feeling of independence. 

Ready to take the next step?

The pre-vocational Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) with Open Colleges is provided fully online, allowing you to work at your own pace with no deadlines or due dates.

It’s a great way for you to prepare for an exciting new career, gain handy skills or explore an interesting hobby, so why not take the first step in an electrifying journey?

Download your free course guide via the form below, to learn more about this accredited course.


Rhiannon Feast

Rhiannon Feast

Rhiannon is currently living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, after recently moving from the South Coast. She is starting out as a writer after studying with Open Colleges. Other than writing, Rhiannon likes reading, long trips to IKEA and attempting the art of winged eyeliner.

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