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Why you should study a construction management course

by Rhiannon Feast
Posted: October 17, 2017

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Are you somebody that enjoys critical thinking and problem-solving? Want a career that’s just as rewarding as it’s challenging? 

Are you a born leader who thrives being at the head of a team? A future in construction management may be the perfect way to harness your qualities and get qualified in a booming Australian industry. 

Why study a construction management course? 

The construction management sector is wide-spread and diverse, with its employees working all over the country in fields ranging from scientific and technical services to public administration and safety. 

It’s an industry that caters for people with different skills sets and interests, from those who enjoy the planning and directive side of things, to the hands-on tradie that prides themselves on their workmanship. 

Average construction manager salary after completing construction management course
Source: Job Outlook


The construction industry boasts an above average weekly income, a promising future with up to 85,200 jobs expected by 2020 and a low unemployment rate.

Getting prepared for a career in construction management is easy, with the help of Open Colleges’ construction management courses, including:

These courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need as a Construction Manager, Project Manager, Builder, Foreman or Site Manager, to perform daily tasks including:

  • Interpreting plans and specifications
  • Co-ordinating a team of different trades and skilled workers to achieve a common goal
  • Negotiating time and budget constraint with stakeholders of a project
  • Supervising the standard and progress of your teams work
  • Adhering to building legislation and guidelines to ensure a safe and effective workplace 

With flexible working hours, the opportunity for professional growth and improvement, and the fact that no two days are the same, it’s no surprise that young people are leaning towards a career in construction management.

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Construction training advice from student, Hayden

Hayden Jones is a construction worker in high vis who has begun his construction training

Hayden Jones. Photo: Supplied


Hayden Jones is 25 years old, working towards his goal to establish a residential building company. He’s currently studying his Certificate IV in Building and Construction, building his experience and education so he can become a construction manager in the next few years.

After completing his carpentry trade, Jones found that he was restricted to a specific area of the construction and building industry, and realised his passion lay in working collaboratively with other trades to complete a project. 

With this realisation dawned the fact that he thrived in communication and organisation aspect of the job, and he began his journey in construction management.

Thanks to his previous onsite experience, Jones says he was lucky enough to get a position at a large commercial building company. He soon decided to take on a fulltime role to gain more exposure to the development process of the industry as a Contract Administrator.

As a young person pursuing a future in building and construction management, Jones says being proactive about your practical and theoretical skills will set you up for success.   

“Experience both practical and in-office experience in construction, whether this means just simply labouring for someone on the weekend while studying a construction management course of some kind,” says Hayden.

Set your goals high and never get comfortable in one position. Keep improving yourself and develop every skill you can. There is no one in the industry that knows it all - so also be open to everyone’s opinions and ideas”.

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Rhiannon Feast

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