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4 Things You Need To Know About A Career In Property

by Andrew Chesterton
Posted: July 28, 2016

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You don’t have to be a homeowner to tap into Australia’s real estate boom. While the housing market might be thriving right across the country, so too is the real estate industry, with experts predicting huge job growth in real estate sales, property management and marketing over the next three years. 

In fact, according to the Australian Government’s Job Outlook study, there will be between 25,000 and 50,000 job openings in property sales and management between now and 2019.

So with Australia’s obsession with property showing no signs of fading, now could be the perfect time to consider a career in real estate.

So are you considering a real estate career? Open Colleges asked experts from across the real estate industry – from agents and property managers to auctioneers and marketers – to list their favourite things about their jobs to help you decide if a career in property is right for you.

1.    You can genuinely change people’s lives

Happy couple taking new keys from a property agent

Honestly, how many people get to say that? The difference between obtaining an average price and a terrific price in a property sale can have a huge impact on the seller’s life, as can finding the perfect tenants for a rental property or using your skills as an auctioneer to drive excitement at an auction.

“I am most excited when I truly feel like I have changed someone’s life by getting an incredible result for their home, and knowing the decisions made during the auction impacted the result achieved for the owners,” Auctioneer Damien Cooley told Open Colleges.

“Real Estate is one of very few industries where you are able to truly make people’s dreams come true, while building lifelong relationships. Sure it’s a hard climb, with many obstacles along the way. However I would not change a single moment,” agrees agent Mark Novac

“Real Estate is one of the most rewarding careers, however I may be biased. To have the gift of helping someone buy or sell a home is a life changing experience. When you see a family grow and you work with them multiple times helping them move, you realise how special it is to do what we do,” agent Andrew Sorensen adds.

2.    If variety is the spice of life, real estate is one hot chilli

Real estate agent shaking hands with couple

No two houses are ever the same, and nor are the people buying, selling or leasing them. Every day is different in real estate, so boredom is not something you’d be worried about.

“My days are never the same. There’s always a new challenge and something new to learn regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry,” says senior property manager, Laura Braun.

“The best part is not knowing what the day will bring, and of course I LOVE Saturdays and conducting auctions,” adds auctioneer, Joanne Royston.

3.    Let’s talk about money

Successful career in property - SOLD!

While your salary as a real estate agent or property manager is often influenced by the number of homes you sell or lease, consider this: if the average agent commission is round 1.8 per cent, and the average property price is $1,000,000, then the agent’s commission is around $18,000 on a sold property.

Now, let’s say you sell 12 houses year, that is… well, it’s a lot. Importantly, though, most real estate professionals consider their salary little more than a happy by-product of doing a job they love, which says a lot about how much they love working in real estate.

“People say you can’t have it all, but the person who said that wasn’t a property manager! I love our industry, it is such an amazing career and we feel privileged to do what we do. If you are looking to get into real estate, then do it for the right reasons."

"Don’t do it because you think you will make heaps of money, do it because you are passionate about it, do it because it is what you want to be doing. It takes hard work and dedication and if you do it right, then money becomes a by-product of what we do, but that shouldn’t be your motivation. Just be all you can be and you will love it,” says Property Marketing Coordinator, Emily Thompson.

“Too many people focus on the money to be made in our profession, and whilst you can be paid very well, if you focus on helping people and building relationships the long-term career prospects become very fulfilling,” agrees agent Andrew Sorensen .

4.    It’s open to everyone

Career in real estate, looking at house

There is no single formula that makes a successful real estate agent or property manager, with Australia’s top property professionals a mix of school leavers, university graduates and mid-life career changers. In short, a successful career in real estate is open to just anybody with a passion for people and property.

“The most interesting thing I find through training people to work in Real Estate is that anyone can become successful in this industry and there are no boundaries. The key to succeeding is in your ability to be a great communicator and a genuine people person,” says Open Colleges trainer and assessor, Daniel Irvine.

“Studying Real Estate at Open Colleges gives you the basis of a career in the industry and the educational requirements to work in real estate.”

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Andrew Chesterton

Andrew is an award-winning Editor, Copywriter and Media Strategist based in Sydney, Australia. So far, his career has taken in some of the country’s biggest titles, including high-ranking stints in The Sunday Telegraph (News Ltd), The Daily Telegraph (News Ltd) and TopGear Australia (Bauer Media/BBC).

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