Your Career In Health [Infographic]

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Posted: May 09, 2016

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Are you nurturing, attentive and supportive? Do you find reward in helping people feel better mentally, physically and emotionally? A career in the Health industry may be the perfect opportunity for you.

So, what's the job outlook for those who want to work in the Health sector? You’ll be glad to know that opportunities and benefits abound! According to the ABS, the demand for people working in Health is widely anticipated to grow.

Wondering what else you need to know about working in this industry? Some of the core skills needed for the health sector include principles of practice, client service delivery and support, participating in WHS processes and complying with health control policies and procedures. 

Needless to say, people who have careers in health, by default, are caring and helpful beings.

Working in the health sector means you’ll have plenty of options 

Nursing, Health Services Assistance and Dental are just some of the things that may spring to your mind, but there’s so much more the health sector can offer. 

Workers can choose to specialise in this growing field, whether it’s Nutrition, Natural Therapies, Allied Health or Fitness. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can find out more about the different areas of the industry here, and learn more about the Open Colleges School of Health here.


Research the average wages, the job prospects for the next few years as well as the range of skills and competencies that you will need to ensure career success here. Otherwise, check out our handy infographic of the health industry below.

career in health - careers in health

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