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The best jobs for introverts

by Chloe Baird
Posted: May 24, 2021

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Do you prefer working from home rather than working in a crowded office? Are you able to focus better when you’re in a calm, quiet environment? Do you feel drained after being around a large group of people?  

You could be an introvert.  

The famous 20th century Psychologist Carl Jung coined the terms ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’. Introverts are generally thought of as shy and reserved – but this is sort of a red herring.  

Jung posited that extroverts direct and receive energy from external sources, such as other people. But introverts direct and receive their energy from internal sources. That is, they don’t need to be in a busy environment to thrive. They’re able to happily work autonomously, which means working in a small team or working alone from home suits them. Usually, multi-tasking is not one of their strong points – but this is because it’s much easier for an introvert to focus on one task at a time instead of spreading their energies too thin. And they’re often very introspective but also inquisitive.  

Extroverts, on the other hand, may crave the social interaction that comes with working in a busy office alongside a collaborative team.  

It should be noted here that Jung never said that a person was wholly one or the other – there are varying degrees of introversion and extroversion. However, if you feel like you lean more towards the introvert side of things, read on to discover what our list of the top jobs for introverts looks like.  

jobs for introverts

The top 5 best jobs for introverts 

1. Accountant 

The financial services industry is one of the largest in Australia, and contributes the most to the country’s economic growth of any industry. There are many different roles available in financial services, and there are plenty of opportunities out there for Accountants.  

This is a great job for introverts because it requires a great deal of focus. And while an interest in numbers is essential, this doesn’t mean you have to be a maths genius to get ahead in the industry.  

And as the financial services industry is so large, you can determine whether you want to work as part of a firm, a large company or a small, close-knit team. You could also begin your own business and become your own boss, which would allow you to pick and choose your clients.    

Accounting is also a high-paying job for introverts, with an average weekly salary of $1,660. This is higher than the national average.  

2. Counsellor  

A common misconception about introverts is that they’re shy and unable to deal with people face to face. This isn’t true at all – introverts just tend to work better in small group or one-on-one. This is why working as a Counsellor can be such a great career for introverts, as you’ll generally be working with individuals or small groups of people.  

Introverts also tend to be great listeners, and being able to hear what a person is telling you and reading between the lines are important skills for Counsellors. But Counsellors don’t just listen to people – they also offer advice and guidance, and this requires introspective deep thinking. Being able to guide peopled towards the right answer – that is, how the client can learn to help themselves – is a skill that empathetic introverts may excel at.   

3. Animal Attendant  

If you’d prefer working with animals rather than people, then you could consider a job as an Animal Attendant. An Animal Attendant is generally the name given to anyone who works closely with animals and who assists professionals such as Vets, Groomers or Trainers.  

As an Animal Attendant, you could find yourself working in a kennel, cattery, animal shelter, veterinary surgery or another similar workplace.  

Working closely with animals means you’ll need to be patient, focused and understanding – things that most introverts naturally strive at. 

introvert jobs

4. Graphic Designer 

By combining your love of design with an interest in technology you could pursue a career as a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is used in more ways than you might imagine, from website design to product packaging. And because there are so many avenues you can pursue in this area, there are plenty of work opportunities in different environments.  

As design is a creative role, you can expect a bit of collaboration – whether that’s meeting with clients to discuss their ideas or bouncing ideas of your colleagues. However, you can determine how much interaction you have with others by finding the right role.  

Working in a smaller agency might mean that you liase with clients in the briefing stage of the project before moving off to complete the work on your own. Going freelance could also give you more autonomy. Graphic design is also the kind of job that you can easily do remotely, and you may be able to work flexible hours.  

5. Landscaper 

Do you love the great outdoors and don’t mind getting your hands dirty? A career as a Landscaper could be right for you.  

Landscapers work in a variety of different settings, whether public or private. As a Landscaper, you could work directly for a local council, where it’s your responsibility to manage and maintain public areas like parks and sports fields. Or you could work for a private company which works with residential clients. You could even start up your own company and take on your own clients.  

Landscapers usually work in small teams or on their own. There will be times when you need to co-ordinate with other team members or contractors, but you’ll also find yourself working alone for hours at a time. With an outdoor working environment and a small team to work with, this could be considered a relatively low-stress job for introverts.  

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Chloe Baird

Chloe is an Open Colleges alumnus who now works full time for OC as a Content and Copywriting Specialist. She is passionate about encouraging others to pursue their goals through education.

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