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5 celebrity beauty lessons for budding Beauty Therapists

by Craig Boyle
Posted: January 02, 2019

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Want to turn your passion for makeup and beauty into a career? Why not study to become a beauty therapist. Beauty is a thriving industry that is constantly witnessing new product releases and new trends. Here are some of the best lessons a new beauty therapist can learn from 10 celebrities who are experts in the field…

From their own beauty ranges through to endorsements and famous beauty tips they’ve passed on to their fans, celebrities are a big part of the beauty industry. If you’re considering a career in beauty and thinking about studying a SHB50115 Diploma in Beauty Therapy, you can learn some important lessons with these top beauty tips…

Begin with a focus in mind

As a Beauty Therapist, you’ll learn a full range of techniques that range from makeup artistry through to manicures and pedicures. However, to truly excel it’s often advisable to specialise in a core set of skills you can use to market yourself.

Kylie Jenner started Kylie Cosmetics by building her range entirely around lip products, using the attribute she was most famous for as a way to market her new brand. This meant that when the range extended into other products, demand was already high and her loyal fanbase snapped new products up.

While you can be a jack of all trades, being great at a specific skill is a smart way to get your foot in the door of a new salon, or to begin marketing your own business.

Understand niche markets

As either a salon or self-employed Beauty Therapist, you can use niche markets to attract new customers. Kat Von D, one of the world’s most famous tattoo artists, recognised this opportunity herself when launching her own beauty brand. Kat Von D Beauty is presented in a gothic-style, immediately positioning itself as unique. However, it also has more functional niche markets – the products can conceal tattoos and are also entirely vegan. This gives Kat Von D three potential markets that other beauty brands do not provide for.

As a Beauty Therapist, you can research niche markets in your local area and begin building services that appeal to new targets. All it takes is the initiative to actually recognise these niches and work out how to adapt your services to meet them. 

Skincare is everything

As a beauty therapist, you are likely to encourage your clients to practice good skincare regimes. You will have to, at many points in your career, work with a range of skin types – so it’s important to understand how to work with acne scarring, oily and or dry skin. However, it’s also likely that you will help clients understand what they need to enjoy great skin. After all, the founder of Nars Cosmetics, Francois Nars, has repeatedly expressed that skincare is essential for great makeup.

If you want to take advice from one of the world’s most innovative makeup brand owners, then it’s better for you and your client if you can help them take care of their skin. Master skin treatments and then give clients tips for keeping their skin in great condition once they leave you. That way, each subsequent visit will enable you to help them achieve a look that’s better than ever.

Honesty is the best policy

Jessica Alba is a world-famous actress, but her beauty brand is making a big splash for entirely different reasons. Honest Beauty is all about eco-friendly, non-toxic beauty products that come in earnest packaging. The line was recently relaunched in 2018 to simplify its product offering and make it easier for customers to choose.

As a Beauty Therapist, your job will be to make treatment selection intuitive for clients. Help them understand what they need and then help them achieve it. Offer eco-friendly products to meet the changing attitudes of the Australian market and above all, keep things honest.

Be inclusive

Rihanna, already world-famous for her music, is now also a renowned beauty ambassador with her brand Fenty Beauty. Rihanna’s range made waves because her products contain shades to match every skin type – a huge gap in the market that was not being served.

For a potential Beauty Therapist, it’s important to understand the different skin and hair types your clients may have. By understanding the best beauty techniques for different ethnicities, you can create a more inclusive service that clients will love.

So there we have it, 5 lessons you can learn from celebrity beauty experts that can help you become a better Beauty Therapist. With so much opportunity and innovation, 2019 is a fantastic time to get involved. Start studying now and practising your techniques by signing up to a SHB50115  Diploma in Beauty Therapy.


Craig Boyle

Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, Craig worked for Open Colleges as a Copywriter. Craig's career passions include marketing, small business, tech, start-ups and leadership.

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