Margaret Wandyga

Manager of Bio Nail Lounge

Talya Bergmann

"The nail industry is very competitive so knowledge and training will give you the power you need to succeed."

Talya is extremely passionate about fashion, health and wellbeing and working with and for Bio Sculpture as their state manager for NSW and ACT.

Talya trained as a nail technician twelve years ago. With health and wellbeing her main focus she decided to open up the first Bio Sculpture signature salon in Australia, called the Nail Lounge. At the Nail Lounge Talya enjoys leading by example and shows how nail treatments should be offered – high quality, hygienic, professional and of course luxurious.

1 In a couple of short sentences, tell us about your career path and how it has evolved over time.

I started off as a client who loved having her nails done and fell in love with a gel product I would get religiously called Bio Sculpture. Whilst I was at university I decided to do a manicure and pedicure course for beginners (which I loved) and continued the whole way through and completed all the courses from the gel training to gel extensions and nail art.

I wanted to open a salon that was all about pampering, using the best quality products, hygiene practices and offer clients an experience they would never forget so I opened The Nail Lounge.

2 What advice would you offer students looking to get into the nail industry?

Do as much research and try as many different products as you can, there are so many great systems that use good quality ingredients and provide the necessary training and support you want to ensure your success in the nail industry. The nail industry is very competitive so knowledge and training will give you the power you need to succeed.

3 What are the latest trends in acrylic and gel nail enhancements in Australia?

We find in our salon that our customers are coming to us looking for more natural and healthy product services – we see many ex-acrylic users that have actively found us to try our natural looking gel extensions and enhancements, as we only use products that will not damage the natural nail.

Our customers love the long lasting and protection that gel offers, especially with the more natural look it provides. Nude nails are the most popular in the salon but we are finding a lot of our clients experimenting with bolder, brighter colours with a feature nail art here and there. There has been a definite move away from French nails, which used to be the most popular look in the nail industry.

4 In your opinion, what 3 things make an outstanding nail technician?

1. Customer service - you should always listen to your customer and make sure that you understand her to ensure that you are able to best meet her expectations and exceed them.
2. Hygiene - is of utmost importance, once a fungal infection is introduced into a salon, you are putting all of your other customers at risk and tarnishing your reputation.
3. Skill - take pride in your work and be as professional as possible.  Make sure that you are happy with every set of nails that leaves your salon. Attention to detail is key.

5 What are the biggest challenges you face in your daily network and how do you overcome them?

Day to day challenges would definitely include managing timing, if you happen to get caught behind with one client or somebody is late it can set you back your whole day. Also taking note of treatments you are carrying out over the upcoming week so you know what stock you need to have on hand. Planning ahead, being prepared and aware of your schedule is key.  

6 Is work experience and training important in the industry?

Yes, it is extremely important if you want to be successful. Training and gaining as much experience as possible will help maintain high standards within your salon and treatments you provide. 

Work experience goes hand in hand with training, there is always something new to learn and being exposed to new salons and different surroundings will help you to gain more knowledge and be the best at what you do. 

7 Anything else you would like to add?

Always have an interest in the treatments and products you are providing to clients. Keep up with current trends in order to successfully market yourself amongst competition.

Create great client relationships; this in turn will create loyal and happy customers. Being involved in social media can have an extremely positive effect on your business, if you can maintain an active Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile you will be able to advertise new products, offers, treatments, gain new business and create a community.

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