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Katie O'Keefe

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Katie O'Keefe

"There are so many different career opportunities out there within the beauty industry you would be able to choose from. "
  1. Beauty Therapy
  2. Retail Make-Up Sales
  3. Nail Technology
  4. Massage
  5. Skin Care

Katie started working in the beauty industry and has been involved with beauty for around 4 years. Soon after she started working she enrolled in a Diploma of Beauty Therapy online with Open Colleges.

1 What inspired you to get into the beauty industry?

What made me so interested in beauty was that I really take pride in my appearance, I would always have my make-up done nicely, a good skin care regime and get my nails done. I loved it all! So I thought this would be an industry I would love and enjoy. I knew I would actually get excited to go to work every day; not only for myself but to help other people feel good about themselves too.

2 Work placement is a component of your course, how did you go about finding work placement? 

This was really easy for me as I was already working in the beauty industry prior to starting my Diploma of Beauty Therapy and therefore (for me) the work placement component was not difficult to find at all.

3 What advice would you offer other students who are thinking about starting a Diploma in Beauty Therapy?

If beauty is something you really enjoy and you want to help others to feel good about themselves and you want to pursue that as a career, then go for it. There are so many different career opportunities out there within the beauty industry you would be able to choose from. It’s a fantastic industry to be involved in and you will always have your diploma in the end you decide beauty isn’t for you.

4 What other resources helped you whilst studying your diploma, did you read beauty blogs online for example?

I did use the internet for a bit of my research but something that really helped was that I met up with another beauty therapist every week who I also worked with and she was like my mentor and teacher. It was really good to have that one on one, face-to-face time with somebody to lead me in the right direction. The resources given during the course were also a good help.

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